Custom Brand Photography | Melissa Cassera

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love sharing what I'm working on behind the scenes. A few weeks ago I shared this sneak peek photo of a custom styled shoot I was working on for my client Melissa Cassera - and it is my most liked photo to date. It's not hard to tell why, I mean, just look look at how peppy it is!

Melissa contacted me because she wanted to have custom styled photos created to match her existing branding - and of course I was excited to work with her! Not only is she super sweet, but her branding is so much fun - it's bright, colorful, and just makes you happy. Not to mention her blog is simply irresistible - I love that she's all about turning your business into a guilty pleasure!

Melissa is a savvy business strategist, PR expert and a screenwriter, so we wanted to incorporate items to portray a writing theme, such as notebooks, pens and pencils into her images. I was so excited when I found this pink striped notebook from Chapters/Indigo that had And the Story Begins written across it in gold foil, perfect right?

I also loved this Reading is Sexy mug! One of the best parts of creating custom brand photos is the challenge of sourcing props that bring my client's brands to life visually.

Melissa also told me that she loves salted caramel anything, so we had to incorporate that into the photos as well. And you better believe I ate all those delicious caramels right after shooting ;)

After whipping together answers to her fun questions, she curated an amazing collection of images that blew my mind! I can’t wait to show them off on my website + social media accounts. Especially the inclusion of my future BFF Ben Affleck in one of the images.

If you’re in need of brand photos that sparkle with personality, Rachel’s your gal. Trust me :-)”

You can read more about custom brand photography here. If you're not quite ready for investing in custom photos, you can check out the Styled Stock Library, which is filled with gorgeous styled stock images to add instant glam to your brand.