Four Affordable Photoshop Alternatives For Professional Design On A Budget

Here at Haute Stock we understand that being a business owner comes with the territory of needing to be a master multi-tasker, and a resourceful boss. But some days these tasks are easier said than done, and finding the answers to all our problems can seem daunting.

Affordable graphic design online editing tool that are alternatives to Photoshop.

That’s why we decided to create this post. It seems like there are an endless supply of design websites that boast that they’re more affordable than the price tag of Photoshop — but still promise to offer the same editing and design capabilities!

But do they all measure up? We tested out four different graphic-design tools and we’re bringing our findings to you to help you find what might work best for your business & help you slay the design game on a budget.



Note that most of these findings are based on what’s available to the pro-accounts

Depending on your personal business needs, each platform offers their own advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on what designs you’re planning on making, how many, if you want team sharing capabilities, and the variety of effects/editing tools you want to be able to access.

To summarize, we shared one thing about each platform that really made them stand out from the others.


If you’re looking for the cheapest option, Canva’s free basic account will allow you to upload your own photos, use the available templates, and download your designs. It’s basic but the plus is that if this is enough for your needs, it will always be free (not just a free trial).

Overall the interface of Canva is our favorite. The paid account is extremely organized which is ideal if you’re using your account with a team. You can create your own folders and keep everything in their corresponding place. You can also set up your brand fonts, color palettes, and upload your logo to have everything ready to go at your fingertips. There are also a ton of templates in varying media sizes if you need a little help getting inspired.


The image retouching tools in PicMonkey are expansive and the most similar to tools you’d have in Photoshop (airbrush, blemish fix, teeth whiten, red eye remover etc.).

The available effects for photos and fonts are also impressive. There are tons of filters and an array of effects for text — including clipping masks.


Stencil seems to be the most basic platform but gives off the most professional vibe. If you’re looking to create professional, put-together, minimal designs with ease then this could be just what your business needs.

If you’re looking to simplify all your marketing then Stencil’s integration of Buffer is handy — automate your posting and schedule your posts straight from Stencil.


Easil also has a decent amount of filters and effects. Easil seems like a better fit for someone who’s creative and loves to be on trend.

The platform’s most unique aspect is the ability to create exclusive templates that your team can use with the option to lock certain layers to ensure what you want to get edited is the only things capable of changing.


These are a few of our favorite mobile apps to take care of editing, planning and smart posting on-the-go.

Unfold: Create simple & modern Instagram Stories using this app. Simply download your favorite Haute Stock pics to your phone, then using the Unfold app, you can add text and make photo collages for your Stories.

A Color Story: Our favourite filter and editing app for iPhone. Create visual consistency for your feed by using filters on your images. You can save your editing steps for easy editing on the fly.

Later and Planoly: Sync up your Instagram account and visually plan out your feed ahead of time! See the bigger picture of what your feed will look like ahead of time.

Smarthash: Never know what hashtags will actually perform the best for your brand? Use this app to search popular hashtags suitable for your business and create sets of hashtags, save them and have them ready to post for all your different topics.

We hope that this post offered a helpful starting point! You know your business better than anyone and we recommend signing up for a free trial to really test out what’s going to be the best option for you!

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