Black, White & Gold Styled Stock for Women Entrepreneurs

Who doesn’t love a classic black, white, and gold color palette? It’s one of the most sophisticated and chic looks you can go for, and works well with so many other colors and patterns for added touches of personality.

That’s why we love our Classic Workday and Spots & Stripes collections, plus our Bosslady graphics pack and coordinating InstaQuotes — they’re modern, sassy takes on a simple color scheme that elevate black/white/gold branding to a whole other level.

Ready to up your branding and create visuals that speak to you and your audience? Scroll through for a preview of our collections that will help with just that!

Black, white, and gold styled stock images for women entrepreneurs from Haute Stock. A twist on a classic color palette, with fun pops of personality.

Say hello to Classic Workday, a lifestyle and workspace collection that oozes luxury without being overdone. It’s laid-back casual meets timeless elegance with fun pops of personality.


Featuring animal print and striped accessories, the Spots & Stripes collection includes flatlays and lifestyle images that are sophisticated and chic, with a touch of sass.


The coordinating Bosslady graphics pack and InstaQuotes make it so easy to create cohesive for any business with black/white/gold branding.

Make your own graphics with bold backgrounds, frames, and icons, or simply plan out your social media strategy with pre-made quotes. They’re fun, fierce, and fabulous!

If you’re not sure how to make these images go together, here’s an example showing you how well these photos compliment each other and how they can be used to create a cohesive brand!

Haute Stock has the sophisticated and chic black, white and gold stock photos you need for your brand! These collections go together beautifully to create a cohesive brand look. If you want to elevate your brand - click to get a preview of the collections!

With these 50 images, 25 pre-made quotes, and 30+ graphics elements, you’ll never run out of gorgeous content to create that beautiful brand you’re dreaming of.

Can’t wait to get your hands on these stock photos?