Blue Styled Stock Photos for Women Entrepreneurs

If you're a Haute Stock Member, you know there's a whole lot of pink happening in the library, and while we have lots of other colors too, blue has consistently been one of the most requested. 

We absolutely love that the new Haute Stock membership site allows users to both search and filter by color, so they'll find those on-brand images in a snap. It really comes in handy when there are over 2000 images to choose from!

We're super excited to introduce our Blue Hues Collection, for all those blue lovers out there!

This collection of 25 images perfectly combines feminine and romantic vibes, without being overly frilly. The images work well for brands in the wedding and events industry, stationery designers, creative entrepreneurs and well, anyone who just loves blue!

These pretty blue and blush pink styled stock photos from Haute Stock are perfect for stationery designers, wedding planners, and creative entrepreneurs!

The collection features images in horizontal layouts (perfect for Facebook covers and website banners), vertical layouts (perfect for blog posts and Pinterest), and square layouts (perfect for social media)!

There are images on both a blue background, as well as a marble background. The best part is the entire collection works beautifully together, so if you want to take the guesswork out of building your website or curating a stunning feed — you could literally use every single one of the images.

Better yet, you can mix and match with other collections in the library, like we've done in the sample Instagram 9-tile below with our Blue Hues Collection and our Fancy Valentine Collection. Don't the blue and pink just look dreamy together?

Pink and blue styled stock photos from Haute Stock are the perfect way to dress up your brand with stylish imagery that gets noticed.


Does your brand need a little blue? Scroll through the gallery below to view the Blue Hues Collection.

Remember, as a Haute Stock Member, you get instant access to these images plus an additional 2000 images in the Styled Stock Library!

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