Celebrate National Micro-Holidays with Imagery from Haute Stock

Party all year-round with National Micro-Holidays!

We’re excited to introduce the National Micro-Holidays Collection, a set of 25 images and quotes ready to help you plan out your social media feeds in 2019!

We were inspired by the fun holidays that pop up on social media, like National Popcorn Day and National Bubble Gum Day, to create beautiful imagery to help you celebrate these events with your followers.


There are so many micro-holidays celebrating everyday things, so we narrowed it down to 25 that you can post starting in January through June 2019.

The great thing about these images is that they are so versatile, which means that they can be used for any posts, any time!

So you can share about National Rosé Day and then use that same clipboard mockup to create another quote graphic or add text about a sale to promote your business.

Or you can celebrate National Lash Day and later use that same graphic to introduce a new beauty blog post!

Here’s a sneak peek at SOME OF the stock photos included in the National Micro-Holidays Collection.

Ready to get some posts for 2019 scheduled? Inspired to use these gorgeous images for so much more?