Coffee Shop Styled Stock Photos

Everything in moderation — except coffee.

Like many, coffee is our go-to beverage for those early mornings and late nights (and mid-afternoon buzz’s) as busy entrepreneurs. We love it all — strong espressos, yummy mochas, foamy cappuccinos — and it’s so essential to our productive workday. #getstuffdone

We know our community also has a love affair with coffee, which is why a cup of joe is a staple prop in many of our photos!

That’s also why we jumped at the chance to shoot a coffee shop collection at a local café earlier this year, because what’s better than your favorite beverage + a workday spent somewhere other than your couch or desk?!

So we schlepped props and photography gear to the café, set our models up with three cups of coffee (yes, three) and workday essentials (lots of tech and notebooks), and got to shooting our But First, Coffee and Coffee Shop collections.

Simple, relaxed, and fun coffee shop inspired styled stock photos by Haute Stock.

Our aim with these collections was to capture what makes working at the coffee shop so great — a relaxed environment that inspires creativity, new ideas, and offers a fresh perspective just when you need it.

Besides, where’s the fun in being your own boss if don’t you venture out of the (home) office for a change in pace and scenery, whenever you want to?!

scroll down for a sneak peek at the But First, Coffee and Coffee Shop collections.

These collections feature fun lifestyle and workspace images with an urban vibe. Think simple shots with tech, notebooks, and coffee, as well as shots with women typing, writing, and collaborating. There are also outdoor shots with the models holding a wicker tote bag that could work for fashion bloggers, wedding planners, and florists.

All together there are 47 images + 3 coffee related quotes to create that ultimate coffee shop vibe for your brand!

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