3 Easy Steps to More Instagram Engagement

Ever feel like getting engagement on Instagram is an uphill battle? Even though I love Insta, I often struggle with knowing what types of things to post, how to reach more followers and get more engagement.

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of things, I was thrown for a loop with Instagram's recent algorithm changes.

That's why I asked my friend and Styled Stock Library member, Jennifer Lackey to share her Top 3 Tips for Getting Engagement on Instagram.


Jennifer is the creator of the InstantBoss Club and has over 100K combined followers on the Insta accounts she manages.

So without further ado, here are Jennifer's top tips:


If you're selling products, make sure you're not just posting pictures of your product, but you are also posting photos that can get engagement with people commenting and tagging their friends on Instagram. If your product is something that generates a lot of comments already, that's great but you are still going to need something that gets people excited and tagging their friends.

This goes for service providers too - Instagram feeds that are just promos of your latest webinars and offers are BORING. It's ok to post those things every once and a while, but use promotional posts sparingly.

Need some Ideas on what to post?

Giveaway Posts: For example the post could say something like this: “ Today we are giving away this ____ and all you have to do is tag your friends below to be entered in to win.” This will get people tagging and commenting on your posts. Which in turn will bring in new customers and engagement on your posts.

Funny Pictures and Inspirational Quotes: You can also post funny pictures and inspirational quotes that say all sorts of different things that get people tagging their friends. It could be a quote or it could be a meme.

A lot of people say, “Well what does it have to do with my business? it doesn't relate.” It's not so much going to be about your business but it's about getting comments and likes on your page, it'll also help build your brand personality.

The new instagram algorithm works like this:

For example, from your  Instagram account you go like and comment on @shopventurefreedom’s photo. Then you go through the page and like a few other ones. So, now when you go to your Instagram home page, @shopventurefreedom is going to be one of your top pictures.

You're going to see @shopventurefreedom’s pictures before you see grandma’s socks because you didn't like grandma's socks or you don't interact with grandma on Instagram. But you do interact with @shopventurefreedom so you're going to see their posts more often in your feed.

As as business owner you really want your posts to pop up on the top. What's great about Instagram is that they don't separate you - at least not right now - from business to personal. Your business can still be on the top of somebody's Instagram feed. It's way better than Facebook as far as that goes.

The whole reason I post funny memes or funny pictures is to get people commenting so my Instagram will show up on their home page. That's what we all want, right? Once we have good engagement and eyeballs on our posts, we can start posting our products/services knowing that our followers are paying attention and will start buying.


A hashtag is like a Google search. If I go on Google and search "towels", a bunch of towels are going to pop up and I'm going to get pictures and articles about towels, right?

So on Instagram when you search #bloggers you're going to find pictures of bloggers. It's going to be pictures of clothes, pictures of beauty products or your favorite bloggers.

Why is it so important to have hashtags? This is how people find you. If you're not using hashtags on Instagram, you're missing the point because using hashtags is one of the best ways to get new followers.

I'm not talking #clothes or #pink; those are too common. When I search #pink I'm going to find flamingos and I'm going to find Victoria's Secret. I'm going to find anything pink; so why would I want to put pink on a pink t-shirt I'm selling? It's not going to make sense because it's not specific enough and it's not what people are searching for.

Instead, use something like #outfitoftheday or #ootd, which is also outfit of the day. If you're selling a pink t-shirt you might want to target bloggers because a blogger might like your shirt so put #blogger. You want people to find your shop so put #shoplocal.

It's important to use really good, specific hashtags.  You need to narrow down which hashtags make the most sense for your specific business so that you can gain followers and make more sales.

Want to see a quick #hashtag hack that can help you get more Instagram followers? Check it out here.


My third and last tip would be to engage with other people. Social media is all about actually being social, not just promoting.

People get on social media to engage with their friends. If they like a funny picture, they want to tag their friends. It's all about communication. How can we be a business on Instagram and not even communicate with the people interacting with us?

It's super super important if someone comments on your page or tags a friend in one of the pictures you posted that you thank them. You comment back, tag them and say “Thank you so much for tagging a friend”

Engage with the people engaging with you because they took the time to comment on your post. You can take the time to comment back to them. Not only is interacting a good social media tactic and polite but it helps boost your page.

You can also try searching other hashtags you may use and liking pictures within the hashtag.

I know if you put these tips into action today you will start to see likes and you will start to see comments. It's easy stuff. It's not hard!

Tips like these are what you will find Inside the InstantBoss Club, along with tons of other things such a pre-made graphics for your Instagram, Loop giveaway calendars, and you will be paired with an accountability partner as well!

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So why should you listen to me? I started my biz about two years ago when I was working for a local bridal shop. I had just graduated college with a marketing and communications degree, but had NO IDEA WHAT I WANTED TO DO WITH MY LIFE. Naturally, I got on Instagram and, BOOM, there it was, like a sign from God.

In the midst of trying to grow my Instagram I started the InstatBosses Facebook group.  Soon my Instagram was up to 10k followers, then 20k, and now over 58k! That is just my boutique page, I have multiple Instagram accounts now that total reach around 100k followers!

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