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Introducing the Haute Stock Urban Vibes Collections

While we all love a pretty pink palette here at Haute Stock, we fell in love with the bold, modern lines and versatile color palette of our latest collection.

We had a hard time coming up with a name for this set of images so we asked our followers on Insta for help and got lots of great suggestions that inspired us to come up with Urban Vibes

We think the name suits these images well — we wanted to create a collection that felt laid back, modern, and fresh. We love that these images look like they could be from a hip, urban apartment or a cozy weekend in. They're great for those with clean & minimal branding, fashion stylists, home organizers, and bloggers.

Of course, you can always get creative with colored overlays and filters to make them fit with your branding!

These images are actually grouped into two collections:

Urban Vibes — a lifestyle collection featuring clothing, apartment space, and flatlays with fun props. 

Urban Vibes Mockups — featuring tech, stationery, and frame mockups in a on-trend palette of black, brown, green, and grey, this collection is perfect for product listings to show off your designs or to share your latest website or product launch.

Haute Stock's Urban Vibes Mockups collections features frame mockups for you to show off your own designs or marketing! To see more from the collection, click to read the full article.
Haute Stock's Urban Vibes Mockups collection features tech, stationery and frame mockups with a sleek, modern and minimal style. Click to see the full preview of this collection and the Urban Vibes collection here!

We popped some photos from Urban Vibes into a SquareSpace template just for fun and were blown away at just how good these images looked as website headers, buttons, and graphics. Seriously, we were so inspired by these images, we almost started a lifestyle blog! 😂

Check it out for inspo here
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