Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape Stock Photos

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Modern Minimal Thanksgiving

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We're so excited for the release of our new collection — a light and airy modern Thanksgiving Collection. We created these images in a neutral colour palette since we know that typical Fall colors don't work well for most of our members' brands. 

A white and bright modern, minimal thanksgiving styled stock photography collection from Haute Stock

The vision behind these images is that they would look like they were part of a Thanksgiving dinner party in a modern, urban apartment.

We wanted them to look less like stock photos, and more like images you would find on your favorite entertaining blog.

A modern, minimal Thanksgiving Tablescape styled stock photo from Haute Stock featuring a neutral palette of white, green, gold and black.

Scandinavian Inspired Styled Stock Imagery from Haute Stock Photography

In addition to the styled tablescape, we wanted to bring in lifestyle elements such as the hostess setting the table bringing home fresh flowers and of course, taking a snap for social media!


The coordinating black, white, gold elements of the table give off the vibe of a stylish party, without feeling overly done. These images are perfect for brands with a chic, modern feel.

modern minimal thanksgiving haute stock.jpg

We included several images without pumpkins so that the collection could be used in any seasoN, and for any of our members who do not celebrate thanksgiving.

The images below of the black & gold flatware are simple and charming and work well cropped into squares for social media.


In addition to our Modern Thanksgiving Collection, we also released a collection of Autumn inspired Flatlays and Mockups.

These images feature neutral and more feminine color palettes and simple but beautiful styling. Included in the collection are invitation mockups, frame mockups for artwork and prints, and several images with lots of negative space for text. There are also a few images with traditional fall colors, like black + orange. 

Haute Stock Styled Photography Thanksgiving Autumn White Pumpkins Frames and Mockups

These chic images are perfect for your Fall promotional graphics! It's really easy to add text and overlays to create sales graphics and ads. Check out our tutorials if you need tips on how to do so. These photos are very versatile and can be use for your social media, newsletter, and website.


Ready to get your hands on the Modern Thanksgiving Collection + all our Seasonal Images and 2500 other high-quality styled stock photos?