Haute Stock InstaQuotes Collections: Here’s who we collaborated with in 2018!


InstaQuotes are one of Haute Stock’s unique membership features. InstaQuotes are pre-made social media graphics that members can download from within the library and post on their own social media accounts, as is or with an added colored overlay, design elements like icons, or their business logo.

We’ve been offering InstaQuotes since 2016 and they’ve been a Haute Stock member favorite from the very beginning!

New InstaQuotes are added to the Haute Stock library every month, so members have lots of options to choose from in order to plan out their feeds for the upcoming weeks.

As a team we pick a new theme (i.e. girl boss quotes or quotes about gratitude) and color palette (to coordinate with an image collection that was released that month), and then our graphic designer gets busy creating stylish graphics for our members!

Haute Stock collaborated with several members of their community to create unique InstaQuotes designs throughout 2018. We're showcasing the work of these talented calligraphers and authors on the blog with this post!.png

InstaQuotes are perfect for those days when you don’t know what to post — just grab a quote from the library and create a caption inspired by your interpretation of the quote.

They’re also great for getting lots of engagement, because who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? Some of them are our most liked posts, and according to this article from Later, a smart marketing tactic!

What made our InstaQuote releases even more special this year was the fact we collaborated with several members of the Haute Stock community to provide uniquely designed / hand lettered quotes for the library.

So today we wanted to share the talent of these amazing collaborators, to celebrate their designs, and say thank you once again!

1. Jennifer, By Nicole Designs

InstaQuotes design created by Jennifer of By Nicole Designs for Haute Stock's March release.png

For our first InstaQuotes collaboration of 2018, Jennifer reached out to us in March with the idea of creating 15 InstaQuotes in blush, blue, and ultra violet purple. Jennifer was inspired by International Women’s Day and found these powerful quotes from amazing women to create this motivating set of graphics!

Jennifer’s skills as a designer really come to light — these InstaQuotes make a statement with a modern look, pretty font pairings, and interesting color blocks.

Square Crop Preview Images - B.png
Hand lettering by Gina, of Pretty Sugar Co, for Haute Stock's Summer InstaQuotes Collection.png

All of us at Haute Stock HQ are obsessed with summer, so it was a no brainer for us to reach out to both Kit and Gina to see if we could use their hand lettered designs for a new set of summer InstaQuotes.

We love how the two designers’ styles are very different, yet they come together to create a gorgeous cohesive look. These InstaQuotes were super popular and everyone was so excited about the color palette of peachy-pink and tan we chose!

These InstaQuotes were released in August, using design elements from our popular Graphics Pack, Abstract Brushstrokes. The hand lettered quotes were provided to us by Kaitlyn and Alyssa. These simple yet pretty designs are motivating on their own, but there’s something about the softness of the water color design elements that brings the lettering to the forefront and really makes these feel inspiring.

Erica of Silver Immersion, authored this quote and shared it with Haute Stock so we could add it to our September InstaQuotes release
Erica of Silver Immersion, authored this quote and shared it with Haute Stock so we could add it to our September InstaQuotes release

Erica reached out to us and offered her original writings as potential InstaQuotes material. We fell in love with the simplistic beauty of the two quotes above and felt that they fit well with our September InstaQuotes, which were all about mindfulness and gratitude.

Hand lettering by Sarah, of The Simple Flourish, for Haute Stock's November InstaQuotes Collection.png

There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with quotes + imagery to help spread the cheer and excitement this time of year brings! For our last InstaQuotes collaboration of 2018, we partnered with Sarah who created 10 hand lettered designs for our November release. The delicate swathes and thick lettering make a statement against the pops of pink and red in this collection. We love the festive feel of these quotes!

We hope you love the InstaQuotes designs we’ve shared with you today! A huge thank you goes out to all the wonderful ladies we collaborated with this past year to bring unique InstaQuote designs, lettering, and quotes to the Haute Stock Library. If you’d like to learn more about these talented women and show them some love — we’ve linked to their sites above!