Artist's Corner collection features images of neutral workspace for artists and designers

Artist’s Corner is a dreamy, light infused creative space with pops of golden yellow and tangerine that we absolutely love! My current desk set up of 3 cold coffee cups, 16 cords for I-don’t-know-what-device, food crumbs, and kids’ toys doesn’t even compare to these stunning stock photos for Creative Designers. If you’re searching for upscale stock […]

Artists Corner: Dreamy Stock Photos & Videos for Creative Designers

Haute Stock newest collection Ageless Beauty features stock images of health and wellness for women of diverse ages and sizes perfect for wellness bloggers and coaches.

Beauty, health, and wellness at any age. Meet Haute Stock’s latest beauty and wellness stock photo and video collection: Ageless Beauty. Featuring age, size, and race diverse models, this stock photo and vertical video collection makes an important statement: that beauty and wellness can be found at any age, at any size, and is for everyone. If […]

Ageless Beauty and Wellness Stock Photos & Videos

Sunny day at the beach, part of Tuscan Sun, collection featuring stock images and videos of warm summer days in the Tuscan countryside perfect for your social media posts.

Want the old-school charm of Europe in your camera roll to create engaging social media posts… but without having to deal with swarms of tourists getting in every shot? Then you’ll love all of the travel stock photos and videos in our new collection, Tuscan Sun. Featuring 17 photos and 16 videos of warm summer days […]

Tuscan Travel Stock Photos & Videos

Co-Work is a new new stock photo and stock video collection that are perfect for business and career coaches, educators and course creators to use for their brand visuals.

A light and airy workspace perfect for collaboration, recording video content, and getting it done. Calling all business and career coaches, design + branding studios, educators, and course creators: we have a new stock photo and stock video collection in the members-only library that you’ll love using for your brand visuals! Co-Work is a collection of 20 light […]

Collaboration Stock Photos & Videos for Business Coaches

This stock image features a view of palm trees with the blue sea in the background. This stock photo is part of Haute Stock's latest travel collection Lush.

Meet Lush, a luxurious and sensual stock image collection that provides a tropical escape from the daily grind. Get ready to be transported to a lush world of relaxation with this new elevated travel stock photo collection from Costa Rica! This stock image collection showcases the breathtaking beauty of the jungle, the inviting allure of […]

Elevated Travel Stock Photos

Flatlay of iPhone mockup on concrete next to sunglasses and hat on pool deck, perfect stock photo for your summer graphics.

Nothing says “it’s finally summer” more than a day spent catching rays and lounging poolside. Meet Splash, a fun summer stock photo and stock video collection, perfect for creating seasonal social media graphics with! Splash is a stock photo and stock video collection all about seizing the day, unplugging from the screen, and enjoying the restorative power of […]

Summer Stock Photos & Videos for Seasonal Graphics

Road winding down path in desert, this photo is part of Road trip collection that features stock photos of desert travelling and adventures.

Calling those with wanderlust in their hearts, digital nomads, and adventure seekers: find the bohemian travel stock imagery that resonates with your brand in Haute Stock’s new collection, Road Trip. These bohemian stock photos and videos look like something you could capture on one of your own adventures in the desert, with a relaxed, lived-in […]

Bohemian Travel Stock Photos & Videos

Simple stock photo of olives dangling from olive tree branch. Perfect image image for Mediterranean tourism and travel agents.

If you want to avoid a serious case of wanderlust, then don’t check out this week’s new stock image collection.  In the words of Haute Stock’s designer Ashley, this travel stock photo collection is a “viiiibe” and got her “in the feels”. The new Getaway collection is an absolutely stunning set of 25 luxury travel stock photos that have […]

Luxurious Travel Stock Photos

Celebrate Mother’s Day with this adorable collection of motherhood stock photos. Hello World, a light and airy stock photo collection of motherhood inspired imagery, is full of heartwarming scenes of moms and tots exploring nature, welcoming a newborn, baby bumps, and the cutest little childhood outfits and toys. Use these dreamy motherhood stock photos to […]

Airy Motherhood Stock Photos

health and wellness stock photo of green smoothie, water bottle, succulent plant, and calming desk decor

To kick-off Mental Health Awareness Month, we though it would be fitting if our first release was all about healthy habits that heal from within — eating nutrient-rich foods, mindfulness exercises, and leaving the tech behind to practice yoga and stretching.  Vitality is a fresh collection of 34 health and wellness stock photos that focus on embracing […]

Health and Wellness Stock Photos & Videos

Stock photo of an artist's studio with a wooden stool and mint collared canvases.

Hautie, meet the latest must-have creative workspace stock photo & video collection: Hint of Mint!  A little boho, a little vintage, this new creative workspace stock photo collection features an artist hard at work brainstorming color palettes, painting canvases, searching for inspiration, and taking a well-deserved break from the creative process.  What we love about Hint […]

Mint and Teal Creative Workspace Stock Photos & Videos