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Meet Content Shoot: a modern, monochromatic editorial workspace that rocks a slight Gen-Z vibe with an “I get sh!t done” attitude.  We’ve noticed over the years that there’s always an “It” stock photo and stock video collection of the season. Last summer it was Academia with its high-end vibe in a dark neutral color palette. The fall / […]

Editorial Workspace Stock Videos & Photos

Artist's Corner collection features images of neutral workspace for artists and designers

Artist’s Corner is a dreamy, light infused creative space with pops of golden yellow and tangerine that we absolutely love! My current desk set up of 3 cold coffee cups, 16 cords for I-don’t-know-what-device, food crumbs, and kids’ toys doesn’t even compare to these stunning stock photos for Creative Designers. This collection of stock photos for […]

Dreamy Stock Photos & Videos for Creative Designers

Co-Work is a new new stock photo and stock video collection that are perfect for business and career coaches, educators and course creators to use for their brand visuals.

A light and airy workspace perfect for collaboration, recording video content, and getting it done. Calling all business and career coaches, design + branding studios, educators, and course creators: we have a new stock photo and stock video collection in the members-only library that you’ll love using for your brand visuals! Co-Work is a collection of 20 light […]

Collaboration Stock Photos & Videos for Business Coaches

Stock photo of an artist's studio with a wooden stool and mint collared canvases.

Hautie, meet the latest must-have creative workspace stock photo & video collection: Hint of Mint!  A little boho, a little vintage, this new creative workspace stock photo collection features an artist hard at work brainstorming color palettes, painting canvases, searching for inspiration, and taking a well-deserved break from the creative process.  What we love about Hint […]

Mint and Teal Creative Workspace Stock Photos & Videos

Urban scenery for minimal modern workspace featuring an open notebook next to a laptop and keyboard, coffee and reading glasses.

After a relaxing escape to Bali with Paradise Found and a friendly reminder to get organizing with Spring Cleaning, we’re excited to share our last image collection of March called On Air.   If you’re a business coach, podcaster, course creator, strategist, or social media manager, you’ll love using these new stock images. They showcase collaboration, entrepreneurship, and content planning […]

Modern Workspace Stock Photos & Videos for Content Creators

Stylish stock image of frame mockups on floor next to woman in high heels relaxing on chair

If you have an obsession with fashion and Vogue, always dreamt of working in heels and silk , and can’t get enough of moody, magazine-esque editorial stock imagery, then Haute Stock’s new collection Editor’s Note will not disappoint.  We can always count on Paige of @studiobicyclette for creating stunning stock photo and video collections that capture delicate details, add […]

Editorial Workspace and Fashion Stock Photos

We’re easing into 2023 with the third styled modern stock mockup collection from MOYO Studio that embraces work from home scenes in a rich and grounded color palette. With both tech and paper mockup options, you can use the minimalist mockups and flatlays to share your shop listings, sales pages, new services, client projects from […]

Minimalist Mockups and Flatlays from Moyo Studio

Haute Stock’s latest stock photo collection, Vision Board, embraces new beginnings, fresh goals, and exciting plans for the future. These work and travel stock photos feature airy workspaces, a creative studio and mood board imagery. You’ll also love the travel stock images in an invigorating color palette of green, blue, grey, and white. The Vision Board collection […]

Styled Workspace & Travel Stock Photos for Brands

Soothing, serene, and dreamy, the Bleu Ciel stock photo collection is our latest obsession! Featuring blue hue landscapes of the sky and ocean, and body positive stock photos of diverse models, this stock image release is exclusively at Haute Stock from new photography contributor, Jenna Hill. This collection also has relaxing workspace stock photos that […]

Body Positive Lifestyle & Relaxing Workspace Stock Photos

Meet Reflection, the styled workspace stock photo collection that is elevated yet understated, luxurious yet minimalist, chic yet grounded — it’s basically the “cool girl” of stock photos, with 30 images in a dreamy neutral + matcha green color palette. These styled stock photos are perfect for coaches, service providers, and lifestyle bloggers who are looking […]

Effortlessly Chic Workspace Stock Photos

Aesthetic stock videos are a must-have for any creative entrepreneurs’ visual strategy in the era of Instagram Reels, TikTok, and basically any online marketing. Which is why we’ve been focused on upping our videography skills to create gorgeous vertical videos for content creators, coaches, course creators, web designers, and others! Our stock videos for Reels, Pinterest, etc. […]

Stylish Workspace Stock Videos for Reels, Stories & Content Marketing