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We’re feeling especially pulled to the calm, grounding vibes in our latest calming stock photo + vertical stock video collection, By the Lake. With a cool palette consisting of blues, greens, and browns, these calming stock photos invite you to slow down, breathe in the crisp air, and cozy up in bed with a good book. […]

Calming Stock Photos for Lifestyle & Travel Brands

Calling all YouTubers, TikTokers, makeup artists, and beauty bloggers — meet our new stock photo collection, Makeup Tutorial. Makeup Tutorial is a mini collection of beauty stock photos in a colorful palette of hot pinks and reds, but grounded with blacks and creams, for an upscale vibe that will suit any beauty blogger’s branding. These stock images […]

Beauty Stock Photos for Women Entrepreneurs

Nothing hits quite like a successful shopping trip: that “I look amazing in this” feeling, knowing you got a good deal, and adding pieces that are fresh, seasonal, and stylish to your capsule wardrobe. These shopping stock photos embody just that! Introducing Shopping Spree, the latest Haute Stock image collection that includes shopping stock photos for small businesses. […]

Shopping Stock Photos for Small Business Promos & Sales

DIYing your website can be a daunting task. What platform should you use? Do you have to learn a bunch of new tech? Where do you even start?! That’s why when Canva rolled out their new one-page website builder, we jumped at the opportunity to start designing, and we think it’s a great option for […]

How to Create a Website in Canva for Free

Meet Intention, an earthy collection of mindfulness stock photos that celebrate slow living, making space for yourself, and embracing energetic healing. These light + airy mindfulness and wellness stock photos are grounded with a soothing color palette of burnt oranges and greens. They feature lots of white and negative space for breathing room to add your […]

Mindfulness Stock Photography

We’re leaning into all things moody and Halloween-y with our latest Halloween stock photo collection: Spooky Szn! Channel the glam + boho + witchy vibes in these Halloween stock photos into creating seasonal newsletter graphics and promoting spooky October sales on social media. You’ll be able to create and share funny Halloween quotes as a post […]

Witchy & Halloween Stock Photos for Female Entrepreneurs

Stylish seasonal lifestyle stock photos don’t have to be hard to find — in fact, it’s super easy to browse through all 700+ fall stock photos and stock videos in the Haute Stock library for the one that fits your content perfectly! And we’ve just added even more seasonal lifestyle stock photos to the Haute […]

Seasonal Lifestyle Stock Photos

Ever spent hours creating a super cute PDF workbook, checklist, or client-onboarding packet, only to realize it isn’t editable in Preview or Adobe? Or Instead of forcing your clients or customers to print (save the trees!), why not optimize that stylize PDF for a seamless online experience by making it clickable – fillable – and […]

How to Make an Editable PDF in Canva That’s Clickable

Does the idea of creating Instagram Reels make you want to hide? Perhaps you’re not even that camera shy, but finding the time to tackle one more Instagram feature can be daunting. You’re not alone! BUT… Creating Instagram Reels as a small business can help you get in front of new audiences and connect with […]

5 Instagram Reels Ideas for Small Businesses