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One of the easiest ways to confuse your audience is by not being consistent with your visual branding. In today’s rapidly moving online world, we’re all exposed to an overwhelming amount of information, making it essential for business owners to create strong brands. Not only does a visually cohesive brand help you differentiate your business […]

The Ultimate Visual Branding Checklist

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS? This isn’t the first business I’ve owned. I used to be a Wedding & Event Planner, planning and designing events for couples across the Southeast US. I also have a background in design and writing. My husband and I were starting a family, and I didn’t want to […]

Member Highlight: Shannon of Shannon Pruitt & Co.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS? My inspiration isn’t typical for someone starting their business. Prior to getting in the beauty industry, I was working in the sports/athletics industry. I absolutely loved what I did however I didn’t know how to properly handle “burn out”, stress and anxiety. After starting my business I immediately […]

Member Highlight: Shaq of Miller & Co Aesthetics

Travel and lifestyle stock images featuring outdoor living area in a Bali villa with swimming pool and hammock, perfect for exotic travellers.

Simply put, these gorgeous new travel and lifestyle stock photos are stop-the-scroll worthy and will cause a serious case of wanderlust. We were this close  to booking a flight to Bali after curating this travel stock photo collection! Perfect for anyone in the luxury travel or wellness industry, our latest stock image collection, Paradise Found, feels invigorated […]

Bali Wellness and Travel Stock Photos

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS? I was previously working for a coach and during that time I had the privilege of working with other high-level coaches. I saw them all working hard, thriving, and living a life I wanted so badly so I took the plunge to quit my job in pursuit of […]

Member Highlight: Alessia of The Social Markit

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS? I started my business completely by accident! I was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years and never in a million years thought I would start my own business. I didn’t even take a single business class in college or grad school. That was never my path … or […]

Member Highlight: Carrie of Caroline on Design

Imagine this – You’ve found the perfect stock video to use for your brand but *yikes* you can only find it in the horizontal version and you need it for social. Do you give up on using the video and continue your search to find another stock video? I’m here to tell you that you […]

How to Crop a Video

Collage of stock images for Rosa collection by Moyo Studio, featuring images for iPhone and business cards mockups as well as editorial celebration images for event planners.

We’re back with another stunner: MOYO Studio’s Rosa collection! These minimal editorial mockups are so dreamy. Haute Stock members have been loving the MOYO Studio stock photo mockup collections that have been added to the library as of late, and the Rosa mockup collection does not disappoint. Inside the stock photo collection, you’ll find 30 images, including […]

Minimal Editorial Mockups from Moyo Studio

Vanilla and lavender flavor ice cream flatlay, fun seasonal images for your brands.

There’s nothing like ice cream photos to conjure up those summer vibes. We can’t stop dreaming of fun in the sun when looking at Haute Stock’s new Ice Cream Social collection. The Ice Cream Social stock photo collection is an ode to lazy summer afternoons where ice-cream is a must-have. This collection has a playful vibe and retro feel thanks […]

Purple Ice Cream Photos for Seasonal Graphics

Stylish stock image featuring black plus size model posing for photoshoot outdoor, dressed in hot pink pants and white blouse.

If you’re a fashion blogger, stylist, clothing consultant, or life coach empowering women to find their confidence and self-worth, you’ll love our new hot pink editorial stock photo collection. Called Fashion Blogger, these editorial stock photos and vertical videos are all about loving yourself and showing up confidently in your life. In bold pops of hot […]

Editorial Stock Photos & Videos for Fashion Bloggers

In 2023, we’re leaning into high-impact content. And if you’re feeling like you want to still create Reels consistently, but aren’t into all the trends and crazy transitions, then this video on Low effort instagram reels ideas is for you! Reels are still an important content format on Instagram in 2023 for getting in front […]

Low Effort Instagram Reels Ideas in 2023