8 Graphics You Should Be Creating For Your Business

With the arrival of Spring, it's time to freshen up your feeds and brighten up your blog graphics! 

Creating beautiful graphics for your website, social media and blog doesn't have to be hard or time consuming. I recommend finding a free or low cost online editing tool such as Canva, PicMonkey or Pixler and using it to add text, color overlays, and filters to make the styled stock photos work for your brand. 

8 graphics you should be creating for your business

While I use Photoshop for most of my image editing, if you're not a design pro, then I would recommend using Canva for Work because of its Magic Resizing tools. They make resizing your work across social media platforms as simple as the press of a button!

Here are some ways I recommend using the images to give your branding a quick refresh and keep your peeps wanting to see more and more from you!

I created all of these examples in Canva using the images from our new collection, which can be found in the Styled Stock Library members area.


1. Eye-Catching Facebook Post Graphics and Quotes

facebook quote example using haute chocolate styled stock photo

We all know that engaging with your audience on Facebook has become harder and harder. Why not make it super easy for them to like and share your posts? We all love a little motivational quote and these types of images get more likes and shares than other types of content. 

Here's how to create Facebook Post Quote Graphics:

1. Using Canva, click on the Facebook Post template

2. Insert your Styled Stock Library photo as the background

3. Select the Text tab and either use a Canva layout or use your own text layout

4. Change the font and font colors to match your brand

4 .Save your file as a template so that you can easily create new graphics by swapping out the photo and changing the text!


2. Sales Announcements

example sales graphic using haute chocolate styled stock photo

Build hype around your sales by creating eye-catching graphics for social media. These are great images to share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. If you have Canva for Work you can use the Magic Resize feature to quickly create images that are the perfect dimensions for each social media platform.

You'll probably want to include more info than what I have here, such as your website URL, a sale date, and a coupon code if you have one.


3. Business Tips + Shareable Content

example business tips image for facebook using haute chocolate styled stock photo

You've probably already heard the statistics that posts on social media that have graphics get shared like a bazillion times more than posts without graphics, right? Well why post anything without a graphic to go with? 

Create a graphic that's not only pretty, but also is educational, inspirational, or funny. It will increase your engagement vs. non-graphic posts, and who knows, maybe it will even go viral?


4. Sidebar Buttons and Opt-In Graphics

example opt-in image using haute chocolate styled stock photo

Your blog sidebar can be prime real estate if you design it with intention. Skip the ads for other people's products that get people clicking off your site, and instead create graphics for your own popular posts, email newsletter opt-in, special offers, and courses.

Make your images pop with carefully placed text, and 'download now' buttons like the one I created above.


5. Pin-worthy Blog Post Graphics

example blog graphic using haute chocolate styled stock photo
yellow tulip styled stock photo from haute chocolate

This is a strategy every successful blogger is using to gain traffic. Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with, and for many bloggers is their #1 source of traffic.

You need to create a beautiful, eye-catching graphic for your blog post title image (or the first image in your post). Better yet, create several pinnable graphics within each post.

Here are some tips for pin-worthy graphics:

  • Make them vertical so they show up better in Pinterest Feeds
  • Add your blog post title to the graphic so that as people scroll they can quickly see if they're interested in your post
  • Add your website url to each image. That way, no matter where the image is pinned from, people will always know the original source.


6. Curated Instagram Images

yellow tulips on marble background styled stock photos from haute chocolate

Creating a cohesive Instagram account is easier than you think. Using images from the Styled Stock Library you can quickly create curated content for several days, or even a month in advance.

Try selecting nine images from each collection (or even using one or two images and cropping them in different ways) to create a group of images that flow well together.

Add your unique captions and hashtags to connect with your audience and grow your following.


7. Facebook Group & Page Headers

example facebook page header using haute chocolate styled stock photo
example facebook group cover page haute chocolate styled stock photo

Don't forget about your Facebook header as an important touch-point for your branding! Your header is a good place to give people a glimpse into what they can expect to see from your website and other social media accounts.

Bonus points for adding a call to action + a Facebook Sign Up button that leads to your opt-in!


8. Website & Blog Headers

example blog header image using haute chocolate styled stock photo

We don't need a lot of explanation here. This is where you make your first impression and draw people in to read what you have to say. 

Keep it crisp, clean and on-brand. Choose a photo that works well with your branding and aesthetic and use easy-to-read fonts for your business name, or overlay a .png (transparent background) file of your logo.

These are just a few examples to help you get your creative juices flowing! The options are pretty much endless with a little imagination and a good editing app.

You can also create:

- PDF Covers

- Printed Materials

- Newsletter Headers

- Hero Images and Blog Headers

- Blog and Website Buttons

- Twitter Backgrounds

- Product Design Mockups

- and so much more!

Curious about what else is Inside the Styled Stock Library? There's more where those came from! The Styled Stock Library contains a variety of photos in different themes and color schemes. Designed to make your blogging and online business marketing easier and more affordable, it's the premiere stock photography membership site for women entrepreneurs!

Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself by signing up below to get your free stock sample pack.

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