Are you ready to level up your Black Friday marketing strategy? With the biggest shopping day of the year just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your Black Friday email marketing marketing strategy for boosting sales! Email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers and drive sales, especially […]

Top Black Friday Email Marketing Strategy for Boosting Sales

The imagery you choose when branding your business plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of your audience and conveying your brand’s message effectively.

Branding Your Business: Why The Right Imagery is Important

Your brand is the face of your business — so if it doesn’t look professional, you risk losing potential customers before they even give you a chance. Let’s explore five common branding mistakes that can make your brand look unprofessional, and more importantly, how to fix them. Let’s dive in and make sure that your […]

5 Branding Mistakes and How To Fix Them

You know the saying, “work smarter, not harder”? It’s something we hear often, but are you really working smarter if you’re not cutting down content creation time in half with Canva templates to help you create consistent, on-brand content?! And unless you’re a designer, you probably don’t have the hours to put in to creating […]

Why You Should Use Canva Templates

Your social media strategy can be based on growing brand awareness and nurturing your audience – but don’t forget to promote your offers! If you’re not using social media to sell, you’re leaving money on the table. Social media is a powerful tool for growing your brand awareness and building your community, but it’s also […]

How to Sell on Social Media

The one thing you shouldn’t be snoozing on as business owner is VIDEO!  Video is an essential part of content marketing, but creating your own videos can be time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, using stock video footage has never been easier. In this article, we’ll show you five ways to incorporate gorgeous, easy-to-edit stock videos into […]

5 Ways to Use Stock Videos for your Brand

Ready to audit your website so you can make sure it’s working hard for you? Our Website Branding Checklist is the key! Our website branding checklist will help you whether you’re just launching a new website or simply doing a refresh. Follow through to see what elements of your website you should be paying attention to […]

The Website Branding Checklist

One of the easiest ways to confuse your audience is by not being consistent with your visual branding. In today’s rapidly moving online world, we’re all exposed to an overwhelming amount of information, making it essential for business owners to create strong brands. Not only does a visually cohesive brand help you differentiate your business […]

The Ultimate Visual Branding Checklist

Images not only elevate your brand but can also elevate your subconscious mind with money faster than you think. Let’s dig into the power of elevated imagery. Guest post by Alejandra Rojas The stock photos we choose to represent our brand can seem like their only purpose is to attract the public and capture their attention. […]

The Power of Elevated Imagery on Your Brand’s Abundance

DIYing your website can be a daunting task. What platform should you use? Do you have to learn a bunch of new tech? Where do you even start?! That’s why when Canva rolled out their new one-page website builder, we jumped at the opportunity to start designing, and we think it’s a great option for […]

How to Create a Website in Canva for Free

Ever spent hours creating a super cute PDF workbook, checklist, or client-onboarding packet, only to realize it isn’t editable in Preview or Adobe? Or Instead of forcing your clients or customers to print (save the trees!), why not optimize that stylize PDF for a seamless online experience by making it clickable – fillable – and […]

How to Make an Editable PDF in Canva That’s Clickable