Top Black Friday Email Marketing Strategy for Boosting Sales

Filed in Branding & Design, Content Marketing — November 3, 2023

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Are you ready to level up your Black Friday marketing strategy? With the biggest shopping day of the year just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your Black Friday email marketing marketing strategy for boosting sales!

Email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers and drive sales, especially during the holiday shopping season. In this guide, we’re going to share our top Black Friday email ideas. These ideas have helped us make November our highest-grossing month every year. From building excitement to providing last chance reminders, these strategies will help you make the most of your email campaigns for this year’s Black Friday sales.

The great news is that we have developed customizable email marketing templates for every stage of our 5-part Black Friday / Cyber Monday email marketing strategy. These templates, which can be tailored in Canva to suit your brand’s promotions, are available to all Haute Stock members. If you’re not a member yet, now’s the perfect time to sign up. Whether you choose a monthly or quarterly plan, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to an annual plan at a reduced rate during our upcoming Black Friday sale!

Now, let’s dive deeper into our 5-part Black Friday Email Marketing Strategy. This proven strategy utilizes a phased approach to engage your audience, build anticipation, and drive sales. Each phase serves a unique purpose. When combined, they form a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy to make the most of the Black Friday shopping season. Let’s explore each phase in detail.

Black Friday Email Campaign Phase 1: BUILD EXCITEMENT

As you gear up for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales season, it’s the perfect time to build momentum and spark excitement for your upcoming offers! This can be done by emailing your current leads – those who are subscribed to your email list or already follow your brand on social media platforms.

One strategy to consider is introducing a VIP or waitlist. This gives you insight into who’s a really “warm lead” and looking forward to your sales event. To show appreciation for your VIPs, consider rewarding them with perks like early access to the sale, extra discounts, or exclusive bonuses.

High Click-Rate Email Subject Lines for Black Friday VIP Sale:

  1. “Be a VIP: Exclusive Black Friday Deals Just for You!”
  2. “Want First Dibs on Black Friday? Join Our VIP List!”
  3. “Get Ahead of the Crowd with VIP Black Friday Access!”
  4. “VIP Perks: Secure the Best Black Friday Deals First!”
  5. “Join Our VIP Club for Early Black Friday Bargains!”

Black Friday Email Campaign Phase 2: EARLY ACCESS

Now that you have your VIP program in place or at least a waitlist of your warm leads, it’s time to leverage it to kick-start your Black Friday sales a week earlier.

This strategy offers your most loyal customers — those who’ve shown consistent interest in your brand — an exclusive opportunity to shop your products first, or even receive additional bonuses. Not only does this strategy make your VIPs feel privileged and appreciated, but it also extends your sales period, giving you more time to generate revenue!

During this early access period, create a sense of exclusivity by sending out emails specifically tailored for your VIPs, not your entire email list. This can cultivate a stronger connection with your VIPs, making them feel seen and valued by your brand.

You can further communicate with your VIPs through other platforms such as your Instagram Broadcast Channels or Close Friends, reinforcing the exclusivity and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Here are some engaging email subject lines you could use to encourage your VIPs to open your emails:

  1. “Exclusive Early Access: Black Friday Sale Starts Now For Our VIPs!”
  2. “VIP Alert: Get First Dibs on Our Black Friday Deals!”
  3. “Early Bird Special: Our Black Friday Sale Starts Now for VIPs Only!”
  4. “VIP Exclusive: Shop Black Friday Deals Before Anyone Else!”
  5. “Just for VIPs: Early Access to Our Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever!”

Remember, the key to a successful email campaign is to create a sense of urgency while making your VIPs feel special. You’ve got this!

Black Friday Email Campaign Phase 3: THE SALE IS ON

The moment has arrived – your Black Friday sale is officially live! This is the time to grab your customers’ attention with a vibrant and compelling graphic in your initial sale email. Ensure your ‘Shop Now’ or call-to-action button is distinctive and directly links to your sales page or specific product listings, making it easy for customers to start shopping right away.

Present all the important information upfront. This includes the potential savings available, any promo codes they need to apply, whether the discount has already been activated, what extra perks are on offer, and importantly, the end date and time of your sale. Clarity and convenience are key!

To make your email stand out in your customers’ inbox, use intriguing and enticing subject lines. Here are a few examples:

  1. “Unleash the Deals: Our Black Friday Sale Has Begun!”
  2. “Your Black Friday Savings Are Here – Start Shopping Now!”
  3. “Ready, Set, Save: Black Friday Has Arrived!”
  4. “Just Launched: Our Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever!”
  5. “Unlock Amazing Deals: Black Friday is Now Live!”

Remember, the goal is to create a sense of urgency and excitement. Your customers should feel inspired to take action immediately. Happy selling!

Black Friday Email Campaign Phase 4: SOCIAL PROOF

In the world of marketing, one of the your most powerful sales tools is ‘Social Proof’. This term encompasses testimonials, client wins, and impactful customer transformations. No matter what terminology you use, the importance of social proof in driving sales conversions cannot be overstated!

Including social proof in your promotional emails is crucial. It’s a tangible way of demonstrating the value your product or service has delivered to others, which can significantly increase trust and confidence in your potential customers.

These examples of success can be woven into the body of your emails, incorporated into your social media posts, or even added to your sales page.

Try highlighting an inspiring customer transformation story in the middle of your email. Or end your email with a powerful testimonial that reinforces the value of your offering. The possibilities are endless and the more social proof you incorporate, the more compelling your emails will be.

To help you get started, here are some persuasive subject lines that utilize the power of social proof:

  1. “See How [Customer’s Name] Transformed Their [Area of Improvement] With Our Product!”
  2. “Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – Hear From Our Happy Customers!”
  3. “Discover the Difference: [Customer’s Name]’s Success Story Inside!”
  4. “Real People, Real Results: Client Wins Inside!”
  5. “Join [Number of Happy Customers] Others Who’ve Seen Incredible Results!”

Remember, your goal is to inspire your potential customers with real-world examples of how your product or service can make a difference. Let your satisfied customers do the talking!

Black Friday Email Campaign Phase 5: LAST CHANCE

You may feel like you’ve been emailing a lot, but don’t stop now! Your ‘Last Chance’ emails can be game-changers, often becoming the MVPs of your entire campaign. Based on our experience, sales usually spike on the first and last day of your sale.

Here’s an important reminder: just because some subscribers have not made a purchase yet doesn’t mean they’re not interested! They might just be waiting for that final nudge or be last-minute shoppers. So, ensure you send out at least one, if not more, ‘Last Chance’ emails to remind your audience that time is running out on those fantastic deals on the very last day of your sale.

Craft these emails and subject lines with a sense of urgency. They don’t need to be long, and often times just a few lines, or even just an eye-catching reminder graphic will be enough to remind someone to buy before the sales period is over!

Ready to drive those last-minute sales?

Here are some attention-grabbing ‘Last Chance’ email subject lines to inspire you:

  1. “Last Call for Black Friday Deals – Don’t Miss Out!”
  2. “Hurry, 25% Off Ends Tonight!”
  3. “Final Hours! Grab Your Black Friday Deals Now!”
  4. “Tick-Tock! Your Last Chance for Savings!”
  5. “Don’t Regret this in the Morning – The Sale Ends is Ending!”

The key is to create an irresistible sense of urgency, but also to convey a friendly reminder that you don’t want them to miss out. Remember, you’re not just selling a product or service; you’re providing an opportunity for great value. So, keep the emails coming and watch the last-minute buyers join the shopping spree!

In conclusion, a well-planned and executed Black Friday email marketing strategy can significantly boost your sales. By leveraging strategies such as building excitement, providing early access, showcasing social proof, and sending last-minute reminders, you can effectively engage your audience and drive sales. 

And remember, when you sign up for a Haute Stock membership, you gain access to our Black Friday / Cyber Monday email marketing templates found in this post, as well as a host of other holiday marketing graphics templates available for members! Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – sign up for a Haute Stock membership today and make this Black Friday your most successful one yet!

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