Want to grow both your followers and get more engagement on Instagram? Well then you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re creating & posting Carousels! Carousels are posts that have multiple slides, as of now you can have up to 10 slides per post that allow you to combine photos, video and text, meaning you […]

How to Make Instagram Carousel Posts

Nothing elevates your work or grabs your audience’s attention quite like a mockup! Adding mockups to your social media, blogs or newsletters can help your audience envision your services in the real world and mixing them with static images adds different levels to your branding.  Mockups can be incorporated by any business even if you […]

How to Create 3 Different Mockups in Canva

Twitter quote graphics have been popular on Instagram and we can see why — they’re an easy way to engage with your ideal audience by sharing relatable content or by showing your cheeky personality to help you connect with followers. We’ve found a way to re-create Twitter posts graphics using Canva animation, so that you […]

How to Make Twitter Quotes for Reels in Canva

    When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your branding, oftentimes, less is more. If you look at most luxury packaging and design, you’ll see that the branding feels refined and timeless. There’s space and simplicity in the imagery that creates a feeling of confidence and purpose. And though you may […]

Three Ways to Add Elegance To Your Visual Branding

Compelling Components of a Successful Landing Page Question for you — how many landing pages have you created in your time as an online business owner? If you’re just starting out, the answer is probably only between 1-2, but if you’re more seasoned in the world of entrepreneurship, it might be well over 10+. If […]

How the Right Imagery Can Improve Landing Page Conversions

    It’s no secret that we absolutely love creating Holiday imagery for Haute Stock members every year – and this year as no exception! For this year’s Christmas stock photo collection we went with traditional feel, elevated by feminine glam vibes! Scroll down to view our three stylish color palettes for feminine brands.   […]

Stylish Holiday Color Palette Inspiration for Feminine Brands

Even if you’re DIYing your branding, you can create a custom look and feel to your designs by using graphic elements such as icons, brush strokes, textured backgrounds and more! In this post, you’ll learn 5 ways that you can incorporate Haute Stock’s designer Graphics Packs into your brand & marketing materials.     Below […]

How to Use Icons and Graphics Elements in your Designs

Mood boards are an integral part of any creative process Mood boards provide a visual way to see your ideas come to life and ensure that your overall vibe works together. If you’re creating a mood board for your brand, it’s the best way to quickly see how your visual brand comes together, from your […]

How to Create a Mood Board for Your Business or Brand

Social media templates are so popular right now and we get why! As business owners we’re always looking for new ways to save time and templates are the perfect way to create professional looking designs in a matter of minutes.  That’s why Haute Stock offers social media templates that you can not only use for […]

How to Customize Canva Templates for Your Brand

Tech mockups are one of our favorite ways to show off new designs, promotions or educational content. It’s a great way to showcase your work in a way that is more dynamic than a static screen. Haute Stock has lots of beautiful phone mockups that are perfect to display your designs. But as with any […]

The Easiest Way to Add a Phone Mockup in Canva

If you’ve been wanting to create more Reels for your Instagram account because you know that it’s huge in increasing your visibility and growth, but you don’t want to show up on camera all the time, this blog post is for you! Consistency is key when it comes to building your audience and growing your […]

How to Create Animated Instagram Reels in Canva