The Ultimate Visual Branding Checklist

Filed in Branding & Design — March 13, 2023

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One of the easiest ways to confuse your audience is by not being consistent with your visual branding.

In today’s rapidly moving online world, we’re all exposed to an overwhelming amount of information, making it essential for business owners to create strong brands.

Not only does a visually cohesive brand help you differentiate your business from others in your niche, it also makes it easier for customers to recognize and remember you.

Your brand is the foundation of your business. A strong brand will help you build trust with your audience, establish you as an authority in your industry, and create a loyal following of customers who will come back to you time and time again.

Our Ultimate Visual Branding Checklist for your business includes 8 tips to create a cohesive brand.

Creating a cohesive brand isn’t just a matter of having a beautiful logo or a catchy graphic.

It takes a comprehensive approach that involves every aspect of your business, from the colors and fonts you use to the tone of voice you adopt in your communications.

A cohesive brand is not just visually appealing, but it should also be consistent across all platforms, such as your website, social media, and email marketing.

This visual branding checklist will guide you through the essential elements of pulling together a visually cohesive brand that will help you grow your business and create a loyal following.

Using on-brand colors consistently helps to create a cohesive brand.

Color: One of the best ways to build brand recognition is to make sure you’re using a defined color palette across all your marketing channels. Your brand color palette should include 1-2 main colors and 1-2 secondary colors that you use consistently.

Fonts: Playing around with fonts is fun, but too many fonts is a quick way to lose the cohesive feeling you’re after. Your brand should have 2-3 fonts that you use in all your graphics, and on your website. You should have a header font, a body copy font, and a call-to-action or accent font.

Logo: Your logo is an important identifier for your brand, but it’s only one piece of the overall branding package. Make sure you have a logo in vector format (so it looks good both in large and small designs) and with variations in both black & white with a transparent background.

Brand Photos: It’s important to invest in at least one set of personal brand photos or headshots for your business. You’ll want to use these on your About Page, in your our presentations and on some of your social media content.

Stock photos, videos and graphics will save you time creating on-brand visuals.

Stock Assets: In addition to your personal brand photos, you’ll want to have a set of cohesive stock photos, video and graphics that capture the feeling of your brand. These can be used to help you create consistent on-brand graphics on your website, social media, presentations, opt-ins and so much more.

Templates: Keeping your marketing graphics consistent is so much easier when you have a set of templates that you use each time you need to create a specific content format. This will save time so that you don’t have to start from scratch and can easily tweak to keep things consistent.

Marketing templates will save you time when creating visual brand assets.
Organization will keep your brand assets accessible and easy to use.

Organization: Keeping your brand assets organized will help you stay consistent because you’ll have everything easily accessible and you won’t be tempted to use a font that’s not in your brand kit or images that don’t quite fit. Have a folder of brand assets on your computer that is organized and easy to access.

Editing: Upload your brand assets to your favorite editing app such as Canva or Photoshop for easy access and quick edits.

Use your brand assets in Canva and for editing all visuals.

Inside the Haute Stock library, you’ll find curated image collections, cohesive videos, customizable templates + training to help you build an online brand you love and that’s easy to keep consistent.

You’ll have everything you need to build your visual brand and make it look amazing no matter where you’re marketing your business online!

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