Florals, dust pan, and small broom hanging from wall, a styled stock image perfect for home organizing brands

Stylish Home Organization Stock Photos

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — March 22, 2023

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For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is officially in season!🙌 We instantly feel the need to start spring cleaning which inspired this collection of home organization stock photos.

Spring Cleaning is Haute Stock's newest collection, featuring eco-conscious cleaning supplies and sustainable living stock images

Our new collection, Spring Cleaning, is all about fresh starts, eco-conscious cleaning supplies, and sustainable living.

If you want more home organization stock photos in the same soothing color palette and vibe, check out Clean + Tidy collection!

Both stock image collections represent the positive mindset/mood shifts that come from being clutter-free and finding comfort in your surroundings. 

Mood board for Spring Cleaning collection featuring home organization stock photos in the soothing  neutral color palette and vibe.

Need some inspo on how to use these home organizing stock images?

  • If you’re a lifestyle brand: create a “Spring Reset” Reel & share your favorite ways to refresh your space. (Here are some other low effort Reels ideas you can create!)
  • If you’re in the wellness industry: share your favorite natural/eco-friendly cleaning products/supplies, or pantry staples to always have on-hand as a Reel or Carousel.
  • If you’re a professional organizer: create an opt-in with a step-by-step guide on which rooms to clean & how, or organizational tools you can’t live without. Learn how to create a fillable PDF here!
  • If you’re a realtor: share how your clients can make their new homes more functional, by sharing a blog post or creating a Reel.
  • If you’re a designer: mockup unique branding for a fictional cleaning company by using these stunning minimalist stock photo mockups from MOYO Studio.

Ready to embrace a fresh start!


  • Stock image of woman organizingpantry perfect for professional organizers
  • Styled tock photo of woman getting ready to clean using eco-conscious supplies
  • Hand made soap and fresh cleaning supplies, a stock image for conscious women home organizers
  • Overhead shot at inside of storage bench in well organized home. featuring shoes and hat. and
  • Grid style flatlay with cleaning supplies, a stock image by Haute Stock
  • Stock image of a green plant next to storage bench in a home.
  • Styled stock photo of nicely organized pantry with glass jars
  • Woman relaxing in reading nook, while pup explores, part of Haute Stock latest collection Spring Cleaning
  • This stock image features a woman and dog in mid-century modern kitchen
  • Woman washing dishes by hand, styled stock image by Haute Stock
  • Stock photo of natural and eco-friendly cleaning supplies for home organizers and wellness brands


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