Low Effort Instagram Reels Ideas in 2023

Filed in Graphic Design Tutorials — February 15, 2023

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In 2023, we’re leaning into high-impact content. And if you’re feeling like you want to still create Reels consistently, but aren’t into all the trends and crazy transitions, then this video on Low effort instagram reels ideas is for you!

Haute Stock shares a design tutorial for low effort instagram reels ideas that you can create for 2023.

Reels are still an important content format on Instagram in 2023 for getting in front of a new audience and engaging with your current followers, but they really don’t have to take you a ton of time and you don’t need expensive equipment to make great video content for your business.

Follow along with me as I share five of my favorite way to make engaging Reels for Instagram. You’ll love these low effort Instagram Reels ideas!

First and foremost if you’re a busy entrepreneur, my biggest secret for saving time is using stock videos and b-roll video content in order to create Reels quickly.

Having high-quality images + videos at your disposal means you can always have the tools you need to bang out an aesthetic reel in minutes. All of the examples below feature creative assets available in the Haute Stock Library! We also share more great ideas over on @hautestockco.

Here are our top low effort Instagram Reels ideas:

2023 Reels idea for business owners: Quote reels. Try our Low Effort Instagram Reels Ideas

Share inspirational, funny or any relevant quote that is going to resonate with your audience.

  1. Download video background from HS library
  2. Add the background to your Canva canvas
  3. Overlay your quote
  4. Download as mp4

Share a testimonial of a client loving your product or services over a video background.

  1. Take a screenshot of a testimonial from socials or add copy with testimonial
  2. Add stock video background
  3. Download as mp4
  4. Expand on the customer success story in the caption
2023 Reels idea for business owners: share social proof.
2023 Reels idea for business owners: industry finds.

Share a find that is relevant to your industry. For example: apps you can’t live without, book recommendations, font or color finds, etc.

  1. Add stock images or video as your background
  2. Add text featuring your finds
  3. Animate your fonts in Canva to make it more dynamic
  4. Download as mp4

Get your audience interested and engaged to learn more! Share a hook that catches their attention.

  1. Overlay your hook copy over a stock video background
  2. Add “read in caption for tips” copy
  3. Download as mp4
  4. Expand on or explain idea in the caption
Low effort Instagram Reels Ideas 2023 for business owners: start with a hook and expand in the caption.
2023 Reels idea for business owners: establish expertise.

Share  tips, insights, and lessons that establish you as an expert, without having to get on camera.

  1. Add stock video as your background
  2. Overlay your expert info overtop that your followers will find useful
  3. Animate text for added bonus!
  4. Download as mp4
  5. You can ask your audience to SHARE if they found valuable which will help improve your reach



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