Stylish stock image featuring black plus size model posing for photoshoot outdoor, dressed in hot pink pants and white blouse.

Editorial Stock Photos & Videos for Fashion Bloggers

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — February 21, 2023

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If you’re a fashion blogger, stylist, clothing consultant, or life coach empowering women to find their confidence and self-worth, you’ll love our new hot pink editorial stock photo collection.

editorial stock photos and fashion photography by Haute Stock perfect for fashion bloggers, stylist and life coaches

Called Fashion Blogger, these editorial stock photos and vertical videos are all about loving yourself and showing up confidently in your life.

In bold pops of hot pink as well as a classic combo of blush and black, Fashion Blogger is a fun collection of stock photos and vertical videos that will resonate with your audience on their search to be fearlessly themselves.

Mood board Fashion Blogger collection, featuring images in hot pink, blush and black for confident women. Fashion stock photos

You can use these stock photos and vertical videos to share powerful quotes or tips about finding self-love, making time for self-care, and investing in your self-worth.

Or, share tips on organizing your closet, how to source clothing that makes you feel confident, or how to elevate your wardrobe so you can manifest abundance and opportunity in your life.


  • Fashionable woman browsing her phone while  having coffee
  • Stock image for fashion bloggers and life coaches, featuring plus size model browsing through clothes on rack
  • Stock photo featuring woman walking downtown while drinking coffee
  • Styled stock image of plus size woman in blush blazer and black pants walking next to a building
  • Fashionable black woman in white blouse posing for photo outdoors
  • Stock image of woman crossing the street, perfect for fashion and lifestyle bloggers
  • Styled stock image of plus size black model smiling while posing for photoshoot outdoors
  • Stock image of plus size model in blush color blazer standing next to a building, holding a cup of coffee and while browsing her phone. Part of Fashion Blogger Collection.
  • Stock image for fashion bloggers and life coaches, featuring plus size model browsing through clothes on rack

Stylish Stock photos for Fashion Bloggers and Consultants

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