Urban scenery for minimal modern workspace featuring an open notebook next to a laptop and keyboard, coffee and reading glasses.

Modern Workspace Stock Photos & Videos for Content Creators

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — March 29, 2023

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After a relaxing escape to Bali with Paradise Found and a friendly reminder to get organizing with Spring Cleaning, we’re excited to share our last image collection of March called On Air.

Haute Stock's latest collection On air features Stock Photos for Content Creators. These workspace stock images of collaboration, entrepreneurship and content creation are perfect for brands.


If you’re a business coach, podcaster, course creator, strategist, or social media manager, you’ll love using these new stock images. They showcase collaboration, entrepreneurship, and content planning + creation. 

We love the relaxed mid-century modern workspace vibe + fresh pops of yellow that make On Air a scroll-stopper.

Modern office stock photos are always a hit with Haute Stock members! They also love collaboration stock photos that feature empowered women working together, creating financial wealth for themselves and their team.

If your brand is all about giving women the tools to build successful, profitable businesses through teamwork and one-on-one strategy, you’ll love using collaboration stock photos and videos that showcase just that. You can use the On Air collection for those specific image needs, or our popular The Agency stock photo and video collection, which has a moody vibe and a powerful black and neutral color combo.

Mood board for On Air collection featuring relaxed mid-century modern workspace vibe and fresh pops of yellow and neutrals.

This collection was created by Jenna Hill, who has also contributed member faves like: Bleu CielResetVision BoardFashion Blogger Cloud and Palms videos. 

If you love Jenna’s photography style, we have even workspace and wellness stock imagery from Jenna coming soon! 


  • Stock image of Woman smiling as she records podcast episode
  • Mid-century modern co-working space for creatives and entrepreneurs, part of Haute Stock's On Air collection
  • A styled stock photo of podcast microphone with notes and laptop beside it.
  • Woman writing in notebook at standing desk, part of Haute Stock's latest collection
  • Woman entrepreneur dressed in yellow, working on phone in front of desk
  • Woman recording podcast episode at white and airy office, perfect stock image for content creators and educators.
  • A styled stock photo of a modern urban workspace with lots of tech and coffee
  • Minimal stock image of coffee, papers, open notebook, and laptop on desk

Plus, don’t miss these coordinating vertical and horizontal stock videos from the On Air collection that you can use for website headers, Instagram Reels, Pinterest Idea Pins, and TikTok video backgrounds!


Collaboration stock Photos for women Entrepreneurs

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Collaboration stock photo of three women entrepreneurs meeting in a mid-century style office.

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