Body Positive Lifestyle & Relaxing Workspace Stock Photos

Filed in Stock Images — December 1, 2022

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Soothing, serene, and dreamy, the Bleu Ciel stock photo collection is our latest obsession!

relaxing workspace stock photo collection by Haute Stock featuring birds flying high in the sky with blue clouds

Featuring blue hue landscapes of the sky and ocean, and body positive stock photos of diverse models, this stock image release is exclusively at Haute Stock from new photography contributor, Jenna Hill. This collection also has relaxing workspace stock photos that have a chill vibe and are miles away from hustle culture. It’s all about working and living your way, on your terms!

Mood board featuring blue hue landscapes of the sky and ocean, and body positive stock photos of diverse models.

There are so many ways to use these stock photos for your brand visuals:

  • Create an inspirational quote Instagram Reel using the landscape/sky images as backgrounds (these stock photos are super soothing!)
  • Share body positivity/mindset tips with your audience (especially useful as we gather at holiday parties for the first time in a while!)
  • Use the relaxing workspace stock images to share productivity hacks or apps you use to stay on track during busy season (don’t forget to include affiliate codes if you have them!)

If you’re looking for brand color inspiration to pull from these stock photos, check out the Instagram post below:


  • Stock image of plus size African American woman stretching perfect for wellness bloggers
  • Soothing image of white waves washing on the shore
  • Stock image by Haute Stock featuring a confident plus size African American woman laughing
  • Birds in the sky with blue hue clouds, a styled stock photography perfect for travel brands
  • Laptop mockup photo with reading glasses on bed, perfect for displaying your designs
  • Styled lifestyle photo by Haute Stock of a woman journaling on a clean neutral desk next to a water bottle
  • Woman rolling up a blue yoga mat, as part of Haute Stock lifestyle and wellness images
  • peaceful workspace stock photos including a laptop and phone on a desk.
  • Haute stock photography of woman doing yoga, perfect for wellness bloggers
  • Styled lifestyle stock image of blonde woman having coffee in bed
  • Sunshine reflecting on lake with mountains in the background, perfect for travel stock images by Haute Stock
  • Woman pouring fresh made coffee from a copper kettle
  • Stock photo of woman writing in her journal
  • laptop on stool in front of the a chair as a relaxing workspace stock photos
  • Minimal stock image showing a woman's hand holding a lit candle, part of Haute Stock lifestyle collection
  • Woman in cozy beige sweater sitting on the window sill of her apartment
  • Plus size African American woman sitting happily on a wicker chair wearing denim and casual jacket in neutral colors
  • Minimal styled photo of a clean neutral desktop with an open journal and coffee mug
  • Serene shot of a blue sky perfect to write your own text
  • Relaxing Workspace Stock Photos including laptop on bed with white sheets
Lifestyle stock photography featuring a blonde woman having fresh cup of coffee on the bed

Styled Lifestyle Stock Photos for Women Entrepreneurs

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