The Website Branding Checklist

Filed in Branding & Design — March 31, 2023

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Ready to audit your website so you can make sure it’s working hard for you? Our Website Branding Checklist is the key!

Our website branding checklist will help you whether you’re just launching a new website or simply doing a refresh. Follow through to see what elements of your website you should be paying attention to in order to create a strong branding presence that will not only attract your ideal audience, but also ensure your website converts!

You want a cohesive website? Make sure you have the following elements!

Cohesive colors are key to providing a memorable brand experience. Read our website branding tips for small business owners.

Color: Color is one of the most impactful ways to build a recognizable brand. Color also visually communicates what your brand is all about.

That’s why it’s important that your website uses your brand colors and you stick to your brand color palette as closely as possible.

For a polished look, we recommending only using one primary brand color and complimenting that with neutrals.

Call-to-Action: The whole point of your website is to help your audience make a purchase or create some kind of conversion (like opting into your freebie to grow your email list).

So, your call-to-action (CTA) buttons should feature one of your brand colors, and contrast with the site to make them easy to spot and irresistible to click on!

Every website needs strong calls to action. Read more in our Branding Checklist for entrepreneurs.

Fonts: Your website fonts should be the same or similar to the fonts you use in your other brand graphics and design.

You should have a set fonts (and styles + sizing) for headings, subheading and body copy, calls-to-action, use them consistently throughout the site.

Body copy: Your body copy is easy to read, both on desktop and mobile versions of your site.

We like to use sans serif fonts for body copy because they’re generally easier to read, even at smaller sizes.

When it comes to copy, just remember that less it more. Most people are skimming your site, so you don’t need long paragraphs of text.

Branding tips for your website by Haute Stock including using easy to read body copy.

Images: The images on your website are on-brand and help you visually communicate what your brand is about.

We recommend using 1-3 collections from the Haute Stock library to keep your imagery cohesive. This will help your website look professionally designed, even if you’re DIY’ing!

About: You’ve used your own headshots or personal photos on your About Page or Work with Me Page.

This is a popular page on any website, so make sure you’ve put a good quality photo of yourself and used the page to relate to your audience, shared your brand values, established your expertise and told them how they can buy from / work with you.

Your About page should include headshots. It's one of the only places we don't recommend stock photos.
Quality images and stock photos are a big aspect to creating a cohesive brand on your website.

Quality: One of the main jobs of your website is to establish trust with your audience.

The loading speed, the layout, information provided, and the imagery all contribute to how trustworthy your website feels.

Having high-quality imagery on your website is a must-have. So you’ve resized images for the appropriate dimensions and nothing feels stretched, distorted or blurry.

Lead Magnet: One of the best ways to grow your business is to grow your email list.

You should have a free lead magnet on your website.

To help with conversions, you should have an image of the freebie or an on-brand mockup on the page so people can see what they’re getting when they enter their email.

Include a lead magnet as a part of our branding checklist.

We’ve shared some of the most important ways you can ensure your website is attracting your ideal audience and converting them into newsletter subscribers or buyers.

Our website branding checklist is part of The Ultimate Brand Checklist that you can download for FREE below

You’ll not only get the website branding checklist, but a social media branding checklist, and more!


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