The Power of Elevated Imagery on Your Brand’s Abundance

Filed in Branding & Design — February 7, 2023

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Images not only elevate your brand but can also elevate your subconscious mind with money faster than you think. Let’s dig into the power of elevated imagery.

Learn about the power of elevated imagery and the effect it can have on your brand' abundance and perception to your clients.

Guest post by Alejandra Rojas

The stock photos we choose to represent our brand can seem like their only purpose is to attract the public and capture their attention. However, when you’re a female entrepreneur, your brand’s imagery is as important to your brain as it is to your client’s. 

If you’re skeptical about it, I don’t blame you — not many people talk about the correlation between your daily doing with your mindset, especially when it comes to welcoming more abundance into your life. But it doesn’t make it less real, which is why I dedicate myself to this.

I want you to experience the power an elevated brand can have on your perception of abundance and your money mindset. 

Let’s start with a deep breath in to inhale abundance.

Can you describe how it smells?

A picture probably popped into your mind when you took a deep breath in, so you might describe abundance as smelling like an expensive perfume or aroma that brings the feeling of being expensive.

Now, take another deep breath and feel the abundance this time.

How do you feel that abundance in your body? 

This may have been more difficult than smelling abundance. Describing a feeling can sometimes be vague, making it more difficult to picture it.

Now, take a deep breath in and imagine abundance and an expansive business.

What is the first image that comes to mind?

Now, you should have a very clear picture in your head about abundance.

This is because your subconscious mind, that part of your mind that drives 95% of your behavior with money, mainly understands images. And regardless of what you picture, your subconscious will take the energy and message from that image and manifest it as its own.

This is why stock imagery for elevated brands is important: the photos transmit a powerful energy of lightness, spaciousness, empowerment, determination, confidence, and quality: all aspects that money likes. All of this has an effect on your subconscious mind — whether you’re the owner of the brand or the person visiting the website.

When I started my business, I thought my financial knowledge and my experience with Mindset work would be enough to elevate my brand and grow my business.

Naturally, when you start your business, you prioritize the things you believe will get you there. Like myself in the beginning, you might not consider high quality stock images as one of those priorities to elevate your subconscious mind and your business.

At first, I was in the cycle of finding stock photos I resonated with, only for the sake of finding an image for my newsletter or social media post, there wasn’t much thought behind it…

But as I advanced with my business, I quickly recognized a disconnection between how I felt about my business and how I was putting my business out in the world.

There was a disconnection on my website, with my workbooks, and even my presentations; they didn’t reflect what I felt or knew about helping my clients’ money mindset or making consistent income.

As a Money Mindset Expert, I learned how IMPORTANT any language is to communicate with your subconscious mind. After the exercise I walked you through above, now you too have experienced the language of your subconscious mind. 

If I was going to elevate to consistent income and create a 6 figures and beyond brand, I couldn’t go for “just another image.” It was simply not in alignment with me. 

Instead, I decided to prioritize sending constant messages to my brain about the next level of income and the type of brand we are, and in the process, I discovered 3 ways where elevating my brand helped me to boost my money mindset on a daily basis.

Learn the 3 ways that elevated imagery can boost your money mindset.

How the Power of Elevated Imagery Can Attract Abundance

    1. Subconscious alignment to your next income level.

Like I said in the beginning, your subconscious mind thinks in images. So if you are here to elevate with elegant, luxurious, confident stock images, guess what your subconscious is calibrating to?


    1. Serves as a limiting Beliefs Mirror.

I support my clients day in and day out so I can be sure they achieve success. That includes finding out the patterns they reflect in their business with the stock images that they’re using.

It’s easy for you to spot your money patterns if I’ve shown you different images, and as soon as you want to try them out for yourself and your brand, your body rejects the image with a quick eek, and your mind goes, “Oh, that looks too expensive.” 

Those are the limiting beliefs reflections an elevated brand can do for you. I personally work with my clients to address them, clear them out and elevate their income and business.


    1. Attracts the abundance that you’re projecting. 

There are so many ways to level up your money mindset daily, and attracting abundance is one of my favorites.

Your mind has brilliant filters to process the billions of information you receive daily, and your experiences have shaped those filters throughout the years.

The more you update those filters by putting new images into your subconscious, the more you identify yourself with the images that identify your money mind, and then, the more you attract it.


It says that you are here not to shine away from your own magic but to continue building the vision of what you’re called to do.

That sends a powerful message to your old neural pathways that want to keep you in the “known” lack zone. 

Elevating your brand has the capacity to transmit that boost of energy that you need every day so that you continue on this journey with an abundant mentality. 

Ultimately, powerful images create powerful thoughts that build your business rich.

Just open up the Haute Stock website, don’t you feel expensive and expansive already?

Alejandra | Money Mindset Expert

Are you ready to elevate further your money mindset and tap into your Inevitable success? Or are you looking to accelerate your income?

Discover what’s possible with Alejandra Rojas, a Finance Professional, Coach, and Money Mindset Expert helping new entrepreneurs to become the most profitable version of themselves using her highly effective R.I.CH and M.E.S.S. methods.

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