5 Ways to Use Video on Your Website

Filed in Graphic Design Tutorials — January 31, 2023

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Say goodbye to boring websites that don’t convert! 

When visitors land on your website, you have about 3 seconds to draw them in and keep them engaged before they bounce off. Video is one of the best ways to attract and capture your ideal audience’s attention.

Learn 5 different ways that you can use video on your website to create a more dynamic and engaging experience for your visitors!

Video is a powerful tool to convey your brand vibe and share easy to consume information about your products & services. 

Using video on your website will make it feel more current and dynamic which will lower your bounce rates, communicate your messaging and create a memorable browsing experience. Not to mention, it can sky-rocket your conversions!

So we wanted to share exactly how to use video on your website!

I’m going to be sharing 5 ideas for using video on your website in a way that will engage your viewers and lead them to take action!


Use video on your homepage to pull people in to your website immediately. Video feels immersive so your visitors will be more likely to watch. This is the first point your visitors land on and it’s a great place to share a sneak peak into what you offer or your brand promise. Don’t forget a call-to-action to create an even more engaging experience.


Using video on your About Page can create a bit of interest on a page that’s usually a little formulaic. This could be a custom brand video of you doing your craft, working with clients, or creating your product, it’s a nice way to get a visual glimpse into who you are and what you do in only a few seconds! Your “about you” tends to have a lot of storytelling copy – video can help break it up, show a bit of your personality dispersed with copy and help you further your story.


On your sales pages, you can use video to break up lots of information in strategic sections. Either use relevant stock video that fits with text context or use stock videos that are more artistic. The Haute Stock library has a variety of videos that feature lifestyle + models or if you prefer, choose videos that have simple movement in the background  nature, shadows and textures.

BONUS TIP: Add video to your testimonials on your sales page either as the background in a header format or ask your client’s to record personal testimonials to include!


A Thank You Page is a great place to use video that will get your clients excited that they opted-in or decided to work with you!

Celebration stock video is the perfect video for this situation: falling balloons, cheerings champagne or popping confetti really shows that you’re excited and grateful for their business!


Adding video to your website footer can be a great way to add some personality dispersed throughout your website!

Turn a shorter video into a fun little GIF to add to your footer.



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