Stylish stock image of frame mockups on floor next to woman in high heels relaxing on chair

Editorial Workspace and Fashion Stock Photos

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — January 19, 2023

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If you have an obsession with fashion and Vogue, always dreamt of working in heels and silk , and can’t get enough of moody, magazine-esque editorial stock imagery, then Haute Stock’s new collection Editor’s Note will not disappoint. :clap:

Editor's Note, Haute Stock latest collection features editorial workspace and fashion stock photos perfect for content creators and brands

We can always count on Paige of @studiobicyclette for creating stunning stock photo and video collections that capture delicate details, add layers of interest through texture and shadows, and embrace femininity in a bold way.

And Editor’s Note is exactly that — a high fashion, creative designer inspired stock photo collection that features a neutral color palette and draws on black accents to make an edgy statement.

These editorial stock photos are truly perfect for brands that lean into minimal but intentional design. They are the ultimate collection of fashion stock photos.

Mood Board for Editor's Note collection that features images of high fashion and creative workspaces in a neutral color palette and bold black accents.

And you can create the ultimate brand visuals by pairing Editor’s Note with workspace mockups from MOYO Studio’ Karla collection,  Neutral Affair for a playful brand vibe, Academia for bold and impactful visuals that stop the scroll, or En Vogue for that high fashion look.

Want to see what all the hype is about? Preview the full Editor’s Note stock photo collection below!

  • woman pinning inspiration to the wall in fashion stock photos collection by Haute Stock
  • Flatlay of papers strewn about desk, as part of Haute latest Editorial's Note collection, perfect for creative designers.
  • Minimal stock photo of woman dressed in black holding a martini glass
  • Flatlay stock image of bold workspace with notebooks and olive martini.
  • Frame mockups placed along wall, a styled stock image by Haute Stock
  • Styled stock photo of woman hanging painting on wall
  • Minimal fashion stock photo of woman dressed in black adjusting her sheer stockings
  • Arched shelf decorated with home decor pieces, styled stock photo for interior designers and realtors
  • Woman dressed in black standing against arched white wall reading portfolio document
  • fashion stock photos and mockups
  • Minimal fashion stock image of woman adjusting gold bracelets on wrist
  • Styled stock photo of woman relaxing with a coffee mug
  • fashion stock photos of woman in black wearing rings
  • Workspace stock photo of woman reading in white arched nook
  • Styled stock image of woman dressed in neutral color sweater, wearing sunglasses looking down
  • editorial stock photos and fashion stock photos of woman working in studio
  • Stock image by Haute Stock featuring a Woman putting together mood board on wall

Stylish Fashion Stock Photos for Content Creators and Brands

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Haute Stock's latest collection of fashion stock photos, Editor's Note, featuring woman in dark color clothes fixing her high heels

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