Fall Tablescape Decor Styled Stock Photos

With a warm neutral palette and autumn vibes, these stock photos are perfect for fall and thanksgiving posts.

Warm neutral Fall tablescape decor stock photos that are perfect for Thanksgiving and Fall decorating posts. Exclusively from Haute Stock. Click to view the collection.

For our Fall Tablescape Collection we wanted to include images that showed the process of setting the table, pouring wine, and getting ready for guests. ⁠

Rather than a completely styled table, we wanted to give Haute Stock Members options to caption images about prepping for Thanksgiving or choosing the perfect Fall decor.⁠⁠

Neutral fall decor stock photos. Entertaining stock photos. Autumn stock photos. Fall tablescape stock photos. Available exclusively for Haute Stock Members. Click to view collection.

The color palette of this collection is perfectly neutral with warm Fall tones. We love that it evokes the feeling of the season while still being completely versatile for brands to post about a variety of topics using these images.

We think these stock images would work perfectly for wedding and event planners, interior designers, realtors and food and lifestyle bloggers.

The collection also includes paper and stationery mockups that can be used to display fall seasonal products such as Thanksgiving invitations, Fall party invitations and so much more!


take a sneak peak at the fall tablescape collection:

Click through the gallery below

Neutral fall tablescape decor stock photo of pumpkins and thanksgiving table. Styled stock photos from Haute Stock.

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