How To Insert A Website Screenshot Into A Desktop Mockup Using Canva

With our recent release of Peony Desktop, we couldn’t help but get excited for all the possibilities for customization and design with these images.

There are a ton of desktop images just begging to be mocked-up with your latest client design, invitation, website promotion or whatever you can imagine for your business!

In this design tutorial, we wanted to emphasize how easy and quick it is to insert your custom screenshots into Haute Stock images. We decided to use Canva because it’s a free alternative to photoshop that works just as well (and who doesn’t love free)!


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Search for mockup images in the Haute Stock library

  2. Tips & tricks for taking your custom screenshot

  3. Set up your uploaded mockup image on the Canva canvas

  4. Position your screenshot (cropping & skewing)

  5. Adjust opacity for maximum realism

  6. Download your finished mockup image

BONUS TIP: If you’re interested in more design tutorials - click on the “graphic design tutorials” title at the top of this post to view all Haute Stock’s tutorials!

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