Earthy Styled Stock Photography

Say hello to our latest collection Earthy Vibes!

Earthy Vibes Collection from Haute Stock features organic inspired workspace images, succulents, and crystals in a beautiful color palette of dusty rose, sage green and taupe.

It's an eclectic mix of images that make us feel grounded. We kept the aesthetic light and airy with an organic feel we think you'll love. From desktops filled with succulents, to crystals on a wooden background, these versatile images are perfect for many different brands!

These earthy images from Haute Stock are the perfect palette of dusty pink, sage green and taupe. They feature organic elements in a serene workspace and crystals for healing. Click to view the entire collection.

If you've got Spring on the brain like we do, check out The Pastels collection in the library and think about pairing it with Earthy Vibes to refresh your feed!

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