Video Tutorial: How to Create Unique Graphics Using Haute Stock Graphics Packs

If you’re not sure how to use gorgeous digital graphic elements like icons, frames, hand lettering, and backgrounds, our latest how-to tutorial is for you!

Need help using the gorgeous digital graphic elements that Haute Stock offers to create beautiful graphics for your brand? You'll want to click here and watch the video tutorial!

In this video, Using Haute Stock Graphics Packs to Up Your Graphic Game, our graphic designer explains how to:

  1. Access and download graphics packs from within the Haute Stock members-only library

  2. Best utilize files in jpg + png formats

  3. Create an Instagram post graphic using Pink Grapefruit and Lemonade graphics pack and other Canva elements

  4. Create a Blog Post Cover graphic incorporating Haute Stock photos + graphics packs

  5. Download the finished designs to your computer

Ready for the guidance and inspiration you need to make your next eye-catching graphic? Check out the video tutorial below:

Here’s a look at the graphics we showed you how to create in the video:

How to create unique graphics with design elements. This square graphic is perfect for social media and uses Haute Stock's graphics packs elements — like the floral pattern background and hand lettered quote — to create a simple, custom visual.

Instagram quotes are an easy way to add a bit of visual interest to your feed that can be inspirational, motivational, or fun! In this quote, we used a feminine floral background, a pre-made hand lettered quote, and a complimentary colored square overlay.

Pin-worthy graphics are essential for grabbing attention and prompting readers to click-through to your website. This particular blog post or Pinterest size graphic uses elements from Haute Stock's graphics packs to add extra visual emphasis that garners attention with icons/ribbons.

Pin-worthy Blog Post graphics can increase traffic to your website. This cover graphic incorporates a background photo from the Muted Citrus collection and icons and design elements from the graphics packs that help highlight the freebie incentive included in the blog post. The tutorial illustrates how you can tie in all these elements into one cohesive, on-brand graphic that will stop people in their scrolling-tracks and have them clicking to your website to see more.

Did you know Haute Stock releases monthly graphic packs that include a variety of graphic elements such as textures, backgrounds, frames, quotes, and icons?

You should definitely be incorporating them into your designs! The packs offer design elements that you can use to customize Haute Stock’s photos for your brand or to create totally new graphics in a quick and easy, unique way!

Here’s a preview of the Graphics Packs we currently have available in the library:

Can’t wait to start making your own haute designs?

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