Time for the money shot, friends! 💸 We’ve had lots of requests for imagery themed around money manifesting, abundance, finances, invoicing, and budgeting. And not cheesy money stock photos & videos can be hard to find… until now. 👇 The Haute Stock production team delivered and we’re officially obsesssssed. ‘Cause these are so far from […]

Money Stock Photos & Videos

A chic retro vibe. A touch of whimsy. A pop of color. These pastel workspace stock photos and videos are tailor-made for punchy brands with bright personality! There’s just something about pastels that we love. That gentle pop of color that both brightens up your day and calms you. That’s the magic of a pastel […]

Pastel Workspace Stock Photos & Videos

Ready to ditch the office and head out to the farmer’s market with us? Being your own boss means doing whatever you want with your day, and we’re taking it off to enjoy fresh blooms, warm sunshine, and delicious lattes! Or, if your to-do list is a tad too long (been there), take the tulips […]

Spring in the City: Vibrant Spring Stock Videos & Photos

Friend, meet Lounge — cozy retreat stock photos & videos that will have you penciling in “self-care session” every day of the week. Imagine this: you’re wrapped up in your favorite loungewear, sipping on a third cup of coffee (because, let’s be real, we run on caffeine), and diving into a good book. That’s the essence […]

Lounge: Cozy Retreat Stock Photos & Videos

Ready to leave the city and start a homestead? On the Farm’s rustic spring stock images will inspire you to do just that! 🐓🥬👩‍🌾 Who says entrepreneurs dream only of concrete jungles and urban hustlin’? ‘Cause if farm life was always as idyllic as what’s pictured in this collection, we wouldn’t mind at all! On […]

On the Farm: Rustic Spring Stock Images

Welcome to the world of Matcha Time! 🍵 If you’re looking for green workspace stock photos & videos, this collection is for you. Picture this: productive mornings fueled by matcha, crossing off to-dos, planning out weeks’ worth of content. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs and coaches! Matcha Time is more than just a collection of stock images and […]

Matcha Time: Green Workspace Stock Imagery

Meet Bali Breeze — a collection of airy travel stock videos and photos taken on location at the most ✨aesthetic✨ villa. Everyone at Haute Stock’s obsessed. Scroll down to see why! 👇 Warning: if you’ve already been bitten by the travel bug, these airy aesthetic stock videos and photos won’t help cure you. In fact, […]

Bali Breeze: Airy Travel Stock Videos & Photos

Meet Sips at Sunset — a fun collection of dreamy stock photos and videos that celebrate friendship, laughter, and all around good vibes, perfect for travel and wellness brands. Playful and uplifting, Sips at Sunset is a gorgeous collection of dreamy stock photos & videos. Salt water, inside jokes, a seaside picnic — there’s not much else […]

Sips at Sunset: Dreamy Stock Photos & Videos

Soft and feminine, Bed of Peonies features light and airy floral stock photos and videos perfect for whimsical, romantic brands. Is there anything better than an overflowing bouquet of stunningly delicate peonies?! There’s a reason peonies are some of the most popular flowers in the world. Layer after layer of soft petals, a sweet scent, gorgeous […]

Bed of Peonies: Floral Stock Photos and Videos

Hey there, creatives! If you’ve been eagerly anticipating a burst of color in your visual content, the wait is over. We are thrilled to introduce Millennial Pink, our latest collection of feminine, pink workspace stock videos & photos. We are excited to share that not only do we have 18 new stunning stock photos in […]

Millennial Pink: Feminine Workspace Stock Videos

Powerful, confident, innovative, strategic — Creative Brief is our latest collection of workspace stock videos and stock photos for women of color. Featuring a woman hard at work, planning, strategizing, and creating, Creative Brief is perfect for empowering and inspirational visuals that attract go-getters, change makers, designers, and creators. Creative Brief includes 15 videos and 15 photos […]

Creative Brief: Workspace Stock Videos for Women of Color