Powerful, confident, innovative, strategic — Creative Brief is our latest collection of workspace stock videos and stock photos for women of color. Featuring a woman hard at work, planning, strategizing, and creating, Creative Brief is perfect for empowering and inspirational visuals that attract go-getters, change makers, designers, and creators. Creative Brief includes 15 videos and 15 photos […]

Creative Brief: Workspace Stock Videos for Women of Color

Caffeine lovers unite! If you’re the type fuelled by multiple cups of coffee per day, then this collection of coffee and workspace stock videos & photos is for you. ☕️ Meet Caffeinated, a white and grey neutral workspace collection fuelled by our go-to bevvy (and BFF), coffee. This collection tells the story of creative work sesh: […]

Caffeinated: Coffee and Workspace Stock Videos & Photos

Searching for trendy workspace stock photos & videos that will actually get you noticed online? Your search ends here! Meet Through the Lens, a modern workspace stock photo & video collection that empowers bold business owners who aren’t afraid of chasing big goals, making an impact, or standing out. Perfect for Content Creators, SMMs, and […]

Through the Lens: Trendy Workspace Stock Photos & Videos

Our first collection of 2024 is all about creating healthy routines that will help you thrive. Slow starts, supplements, stretching, yoga class, matcha — things that nourish your body and mind so that you’re able to show up consistently. These are the perfect muted wellness & lifestyle stock images and videos for your brand! Create Healthy […]

Daily Habits: Muted Wellness Stock images & Videos

Nothing beats the excitement of discovering a new work-from-home collection, especially when it embraces all things comfy! Imagine snuggling up in your favorite loungewear, surrounded by popcorn and the latest tech. It’s the perfect setting for your creativity to flow! We’ve captured that WFH bliss in these cozy workspace stock photos & videos! 👇 Winter […]

Winter Nights: Cozy Workspace Stock Photos & Videos

Friend, it’s time to de-stress at the dreamiest Bali villa. 🌴☀️ If you’re in the interior design or travel industry, searching for stock photos to enhance your visuals, look no further! Bali Interiors has the calmest, most serene earthy architecture stock imagery. Perfect for those seeking to rest, recharge, and reset. The Dreamiest Bali Villa: […]

Bali Interiors: Earthy Architecture Stock Imagery

‘Tis time to get cozy this holiday season! If you’re looking for the perfect collection of stock photos and videos to enhance your holiday visuals, look no further. Introducing the Cozy Christmas collection, filled with images that capture the essence of the season – overflowing cups of hot chocolate, stacks of presents, twinkling tree lights, […]

Cozy Christmas: Warm Holiday Stock photos & Videos

Meet Solopreneur, a modern blue workspace stock images and videos collection for the business owner who is doing it all. These airy blue workspace images and videos are perfect for SMMs, designers, and content creators who are busy brainstorming, planning, recording and shooting, executing big dreams and reaching big goals. Elevate Your Brand with Solopreneur: Trendy […]

Solopreneur: Modern Blue Workspace Stock Images and Videos

Maybe it’s the changing seasons and the cooler weather, but we’ve been leaning into the “dark academia” vibe lately while adding our own creative spin. So if you’re a fan of this style, you’ll love our newest elevated workspace stock photos and videos collection: The Studio. Elevate Your Creativity with The Studio: Workspace Stock Imagery for Creatives, […]

The Studio: Elevated Workspace Stock Photos and Videos

In the world of interior design and travel, the right visuals can make all the difference. From crafting a cozy ambiance to showcasing breathtaking destinations, stunning imagery can elevate your brand and captivate your audience. At Haute Stock, we understand the power of imagery, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce this collection of travel […]

Terracotta: Travel Stock Photos for Adventurers

White and Gold New Year’s Eve Stock Photos to elevate your holiday promotional sales and offers.

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already, but holiday content planning is well underway for many Haute Stock members! Our goal is to help you be prepared for running your seasonal sales, holiday offers, or affiliate promotions with ease. We’ve launched Twinkle, a new collection of white and gold New Year’s Eve […]

Twinkle: White and Gold New Year’s Eve Stock Photos