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A quick scroll through Instagram and you’ll see the seasons changing right before your eyes. All the influencers are back from summer in Europe and it’s time for fall decor trends and #cozyszn #ootd Reels already!  Our newest collection of interior design stock videos is giving us major cozy vibes! At Haute Stock, we wanted […]

Interior Design Stock Videos

Bold, sophisticated, creative, editorial: the Academia stock photo collection is a curated collection of 30 stock images that ooze understated class and elegance for the modern entrepreneur. These elevated feminine workspace stock photos are perfect for creatives, coaches, lifestyle bloggers, and those in the fashion and beauty industries. They’re the ultimate #wfh goals! Every single stock image […]

Editorial Workspace Stock Images for Women Owned Businesses

If you’ve been marketing for a minute you’ve probably heard that one of the most effective ways get people interested in what you have to offer is to focus on the transformation they’ll achieve. Don’t just tell people what you’re going to teach them or do for them – help them to imagine what their life […]

Home Organizing & Healthy Living Stock Photography

    For each styled stock photo collection we create, we ask ourselves, “how can we do stock photos differently?” The answer starts with thoughtful creative direction, the infusion of a signature style, careful curation, and an obsessive commitment to quality.   Say hello to Cuisine, the latest collaboration between Haute Stock and Studio Bicyclette. […]

High-End Kitchen Styled Stock Photos

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, interior designer or home organizer, Pop in a load of laundry and scroll down to view these neutral home styled stock images!         As we do every year, we like to kick off January with a styled stock photo collection that embraces fresh starts, welcoming spaces, or […]

Clean Home and Organizing Stock Photos

    If you’re looking to channel all things cool and calm in your branding, look no further than our navy blue stock image collection: Ultramarine! Combining coastal stock images and seasonal capsule wardrobes, with paper + tech mockups and ever-popular work from home scenes, this collection has a little bit of everything for brands […]

Navy Blue Lifestyle & Workspace Stock Images

If you’re a realtor, interior designer, or home organizing expert looking for beautiful home interior photos for your brand, scroll down now! Haute Stock members asked for more interior stock photos and we were more than happy to make that happen!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀As you’ll see when you scroll down for the preview, this is a very versatile […]

Earthy and Zen Interior Stock Imagery

Grab a cup coffee and cozy up to view our beautiful new stock photo collection: Mocha.     Warm and inviting — with a hint of drama — the Mocha collection is for confident brands that want to capture that effortlessly elegant feel in their imagery. Infused with European charm and a creamy color palette […]

Stylish Dark Brown Home Office Stock Photos

Whether you’re a graphic designer, interior designer or creative entrepreneur, you’ll love our Creative Studio Stock Photo Collection     The Creative Studio Collection quickly become a Haute Stock member favorite and our go-to because of the versatile images! You’ll find stock images of a creative workspace, collaborative stock photos of women working together, stock […]

Creative Workspace Images for Interior Designers

    Our Staycation stock photo collection combines boho vibes with muted pink hues that highlight the perfect, cozy day at home. The images are also a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day stock photos! Inside this beautiful blush pink and neutrals stock photo collection you’ll find elevated home office images, images of soft pink & […]

Muted Boho Lifestyle & Interior Styled Stock Photos

    The number one most popular New Year’s resolution is… ⁠⁠You guessed it: eating healthier & exercising more⁠ Yup, nearly 1 in 5 people set a resolution to get healthy in the new year!⁠⁠Whether you’re a health & wellness brand looking to inspire your audience to take up healthy habits, or simply want to […]

Eco-friendly & Sustainable Kitchen Styled Stock Photos