Woman running her hands through her long blonde hair. Elevate your brand with feminine Self-care stock and videos collection.

Linen: Earthy Self-Care Stock Photos and Videos

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — October 25, 2023

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In the world of online aesthetics, the right visuals can transform your brand and captivate your audience. Whether you’re a beauty blogger, salon owner, or an advocate for self-care, the imagery you use speaks volumes about your brand’s identity, your offer, and who you connect with. That’s why you’ll want to use our latest collection in your visuals: meet Linen, a collection of delicate, earthy self-care stock photos and videos.

Linen, Haute Stock's latest collection of famine self-care stock photos and videos, perfect for for beauty and self-care enthusiasts.

Linen: Elevate Your Visuals with the Perfect Collection of Self-Care Photos and Videos for Beauty Enthusiasts

Linen is all about creating an atmosphere of beauty, reconnecting with nature, making eco-conscious choices, and embracing moments of self-care. Its feminine visuals are perfect for beauty bloggers looking to infuse their online presence with a touch of sophistication. The neutral color palette, with soft pops of sunshine yellow, tangerine, and clay, creates a calming feel.

Mood board for Linen, feminine self-care stock photos and videos collection featuring soft and delicate imagery with a neutral color palette that embraces pops of sunshine yellow, tangerine, and clay.

Linen is more than just a collection of visuals; it’s a way of life. It promotes eco-conscious choices, encouraging us to connect with nature and make sustainable decisions. For self-care advocates, Linen offers a visual sanctuary, a reminder to prioritize intentional moments of relaxation and self-nurturing. The imagery in this collection is a testament to the beauty in simplicity and the serenity found in nature.


  • A woman pouring a glass of water from decanter, a self-care stock photo from Linen collection.
  • Serum and bath sponge on wooden tray on top of pouf, a perfect self-are self-care stock photo to elevate your beauty & wellness brand.
  • Enjoying an outdoor picnic with a book and oranges, part of Linen collection of self-care stock photos and videos.

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Self-Care Stock Imagery for Women Entrepreneurs

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