2020 Popular Color Palette Trends

Filed in Branding & Design — January 10, 2020

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This year it’s all about opposites. Neutrals will continue to be popular, but bold colors and gradients will also make a comeback.

Here at Haute Stock, we’re always excited to see which new colors are going to be popping up in the creative world.

A new color palette can inspire a design series, a photoshoot direction or the re-brand of your business.

Colors can add a fresh addition to your business in a way that allows you to keep your messaging & vision true to you but also keep it from becoming stale.


Find out what the most popular brand color palettes will be in 2020 as predicted by Haute Stock. Is pink the new black? Or are there new popular colors to consider?


When it comes to incorporating color trends into your business – think about your brand colors and which on-trend colors you think will compliment what your consumers are used to seeing for your brand.

Last week we wrote about our top 2020 Stock Photography Trend predictions and this week we’re sharing our top brand color trend predictions for the year.

2020 will have an emphasis on more neutral colors which mean it will be fairly easy to find a color to pair with your brand colors as neutrals go well with everything. We’ll also see opposing design – big, bold, colors and colorful gradients will also make a comeback.


Click through the image gallery to view our picks for popular color palettes in 2020

Brand colors palette trends come and go, so when choosing your brand colors, you definitely want to think long term rather than what’s super trendy.

We love the neutral color brand color palettes that are popular right now because it’s easy to mix-and-match them with a bold pop of color when you really need to draw attention to your website copy or sales copy.

You can always give your brand a little refresh without going full-on rebrand by swapping out your secondary brand colors and leaving your main brand colors in place.

What do you think? Will you be updating your branding with any of the 2020 color trends? Let us know in the comments below!


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