2020 Graphic Design Trend Predictions

Filed in Branding & Design — January 19, 2020

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“In a world with an increasingly short attention span, 2020 will be all about ultra minimalism that strips away all the excess.” – Patricia, Fancy Girl Design Studio

Our top predictions for Graphic Design Trends in 2020 from Haute Stock. Click through to read about why we think animation, video and AR will be big design trends in 2020 and what other design trends we're predicting!


In our previous two blog posts we shared with you our top predictions for Stock Photography Trends in 2020 and Popular Color Palette Trends in 2020, and in today’s post we’re diving into what we think will be predominant design trends in 2020.

Graphic design trends can seem daunting with all the technological advances and programs that are being created.

As a business owner, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed in tackling every single new skill that hits the market. Find your favorite, something that you think would either be an asset to your business or you would have fun learning and choose to really dive into a single new skill.

There is usually always an app or program available that makes incorporating trends super easy as well. Just keep your eyes open and stay curious!


Here’s what we think will be haute in graphic design trends in 2020:




“In a world with an increasingly short attention span, 2020 will be all about ultra minimalism that strips away all the excess, with a focus on typography, large uninterrupted color spaces, and illustrations with simple, flowing lines. Gradients in fresh colors will be everywhere too (blame this on Instagram’s new logo), but in general, muted colors will be much more prevalent.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have colorful designs, but the colors will be muted, less vibrant, and so easier on the eyes. Typography will be very important, with a preference for simple, bold typefaces and editorial style layouts.”

-Patricia, fancygirldesignstudio.com



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