Graphics Ideas for your Fall Promotions

Sometimes it can seem tricky to figure out how to include seasonal content into your visual marketing plan, especially if your business isn't traditionally 'seasonal'.

But seasonal sales are a great way to boost revenues by creating a sense of urgency with your audience. Pretty much any type of business can have a Fall promotion, even if the biz has nothing to do with Fall - simply use the season to create time-sensitive content to help drive traffic to your website, blog, or social media page.

Our Autumn 2016 Collection is the perfect companion to your visual marketing strategy. This collection is packed with images that will help you create gorgeous graphics in minutes with design programs like PicMonkey or Canva. For professional designers, a few edits in Photoshop to add your own text and overlays will do the trick!

If you're feeling stuck on the types of visuals you can create, or just want a little inspiration, scroll down for ideas and then block off an hour or so to batch create all your visuals for your Fall promotions and posts!

Ready? Below are my visual content ideas for Fall!

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Create a Seasonal Lead Magnet 

Seasonal content can be a great lead magnet! Use Canva to create a PDF download of your favorite Fall recipes, decorating tips, clothing styles, or whatever works for your brand. You could also write a detailed blog post, or create a special training or webinar.

For these types of graphics, our dark background makes a showstopping statement paired with bold fonts and graphics to catch the reader's attention!

Seasonal lead magnet graphics created for a fall promotion using Haute Stock photos.
Seasonal lead magnet graphics created for a fall promotion using Haute Stock photos.

Create Catchy Sales Graphics

Promoting your sales is easy with images from the Styled Stock Library + your favorite image editing tool.

Here are some tips:

- Make your message stand out by choosing a graphic with lots of white space or adding a colored overlay so that your text is easy to read

- Use bright or bold colors in your text or image to capture attention

- Include a call to action button so that people know exactly what you want them to do! Your CTA (call to action) doesn't have to say shop now. It can say things like SIGN UP, FIND OUT MORE, GET YOUR DISCOUNT, etc.


Update your headers

Headers are prime real-estate to tell people what's going on in your business. Ideas for headers include your Newsletter, Website, and Facebook page. Create images to announce your promotions, freebies, challenges and latest content!


Create New Quote Graphics

Recycling the same old quote graphics is only going to work for so long, so at some point you're going to have to give them a refresh. There's no better time than with the changing season to throw in a few new images and add quotes or captions that resonate.

Use these types of images on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and encourage your audience to like and share your posts! While you may not directly mention your promotions in these images, you are using them to create engagement and grow your audience, which will lead to more sales if your offers are positioned well.


Create Social Media Announcements

The holidays are a great time to let your audience know how much they mean to you! These images are light and fun, but you can get creative with your captions to share your brand values. 

Create graphics that tell your audience what you're thankful for, thank them for being part of your community, or just wish them a Happy Thanksgiving!

You can also use these types of images as "last chance" or "only a few hours left" type graphics to signal that your promotion is coming to an end soon.

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Did you find these tips useful? What types of graphics will you be creating for your Fall promotions? Let us know in the comments below!

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