The Easiest Way to Make Any Stock Photo Work for your Brand

Have you ever felt stuck when trying to create on-brand images because a stock photo that you like doesn't quite match with your brand colors?

I have good news! It's actually easy to make almost any stock photo work for your brand by using colored overlays. Not sure what colored overlays are or how to use them? Scroll down to watch this quick 5 min video where I show you how this one trick can help you consistently create on-brand visuals!

In this blog post and tutorial video, you'll learn the easiest way to make any stock photo work for your brand. Click to watch the quick 5 minute tutorial from Haute Stock.

This simple trick will save you tons of time searching through stock photos to find the perfect image, and will help you maximize your stock photo subscription because you'll be able to use more images to create on-brand visuals!

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You can also view all of our video tutorials that show you quick and easy ways to edit your stock photos using Canva and Photoshop.


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