Video Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Seasonal Product Mockups

Goodbye summer and hello fall! This new season and upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to kick start your business by rolling out new products, promotions and events. If you’re looking for a way to showcase all your handmade work or looking to create hype for an event in a unique and beautiful way — product mockups should be your go-to.

In this Photoshop 101 tutorial, Haute Stock’s graphic designer will go through 6 different ways that you can use seasonal Haute Stock photos to create realistic product mockups for stationery, hand-lettered designs, mugs, totes, and art prints.

Have your clients falling for your products, events and promotions with Haute Stock's ultimate guide to all your seasonal product mockups. To learn how to create your own - click here to watch the video tutorial!

In this video, The Ultimate Guide to All Your Seasonal Product Mockups, learn how to:

  1. Choose images that will be best for product mockups

  2. Crop + rotate images to get a unique perspective

  3. Create mockups for a wedding + baby shower invitation, hand-lettering, totes, mugs and art prints while incorporating Haute Stock seasonal photos

  4. Create + edit drop shadows for your products that mimic natural light

  5. Use blending modes + opacity to create a realistic look

  6. Use layer masks to edit your designs in a non-destructive way


Ready to jump in and get all your visuals ready for the new season? Check out the video tutorial below:


If you want to get your hands on the images used in this tutorial or the other seasonal collections in the Haute Stock library to create your own product mockups, check out these collections: Falling Leaves, Fall Feels, Modern Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Flatlays & Mockups, Metallic Pumpkins, Red Holiday Lifestyle, Pink Holiday Lifestyle, and Holiday Flatlays.

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*Please note the graphics in this tutorial were created using Haute Stock Graphics Packs for example purposes only. Creating derivative products using our images or Graphics Packs that you sell or give away is not permitted. Please read Haute Stock’s Image License for the do’s and don’ts. If you have questions, Contact us.