Calming Stock Photos for Lifestyle & Travel Brands

Filed in Stock Images — November 2, 2022

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We’re feeling especially pulled to the calm, grounding vibes in our latest calming stock photo + vertical stock video collection, By the Lake.

Cool and calming stock photos of nature and travel

With a cool palette consisting of blues, greens, and browns, these calming stock photos invite you to slow down, breathe in the crisp air, and cozy up in bed with a good book. These peaceful stock images are restorative and refreshing, and are perfect for wellness brands looking to share content around mental health, positive daily habits and routines, and lifestyle changes for overall healthier living.

Mood board for wellness and travel featuring the calm and beauty of a boat on a lake and a place to relax and read

The two vertical stock videos are also incredibly calming — check out how Haute Stock member @rekindle_communications use one to create an inspiration Instagram Reel for her social media strategy:

These calming stock photos are also great for travel brands, for event planners scheduling retreats, and for businesses leaning onto nature and earthy elements in their branding. Our peaceful stock images make great backgrounds for inspirational quotes, animated Reels and for blog posts about self-care during the busy season.


  • Boat on a lake as part of our Wellness and Travel collection
  • Woman relaxing on bed with cup of tea for health and wellness brands who need Calming Stock Photos for the busy season
  • Stock photo of a rustic cottage house for your vacation
  • Boat moored at lake | Styled calming stock photography for travel and wellness brands by Haute Stock
  • peaceful stock photo of a serene landscape
  • Vacation cottage in the country side part of the travel collection by Haute Stock
  • Flowers by the lake stock photography
  • Nature stock photography by Haute Stock
  • Cozy up in bed with a good book | Styled Stock Photography for Wellness and Travel brands
  • peaceful stock photos of the lake, boat moored on calm waters
  • Snapshot of a lake and cottage, calming and refreshing landscape by Haute Stock
  • Snapshot of a lake and cottage, calming and refreshing landscape by Haute Stock in our Calming Stock Photos & Videos

Calming Travel and Wellness Stock Photos

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Calming Stock photo featuring a serene view of a boat moored on a calm lake

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