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Filed in Featured, Stock Images — August 22, 2023

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Meet Content Shoot: a modern, monochromatic editorial workspace that rocks a slight Gen-Z vibe with an “I get sh!t done” attitude. 

Editorial workspace imagery in a monochromatic white color palette. Entrepreneurs will love this collection of Editorial Workspace Stock Photos & Videos.

We’ve noticed over the years that there’s always an “It” stock photo and stock video collection of the season.

Last summer it was Academia with its high-end vibe in a dark neutral color palette. The fall / winter before, Content Creator and The Agency shared the top spot for most downloads. Our members loved using the light and airy workspace stock images from Content Creator, and the moody collaboration stock videos and stock photos from The Agency.

And now Content Shoot is here. From the moment this photo and video collection arrived in our inbox, we’ve been hooked on the confident, empowering stock imagery!

Featuring tech, creative workspace, and boss energy, these are the type of visuals you need if you want to create a brand that people are attracted to from the first nanosecond

We are so obsessed with this editorial workspace stock photo and stock video collection that we moved our production schedule around just because we couldn’t wait to share the imagery with Haute Stock members! 

Moody, editorial workspace imagery from Haute Stock in a white color palette. These stock photos and stock videos are perfect to use on social, Pinterest, or your website.

Not sure where or how to use Content Shoot for your brand?

✓ If you’re a social media designer, web or template designer, or work with clients, spruce up your Services, Pricing Guides, and Onboarding Docs with fresh imagery.

✓ For editorial brands, Content Shoot will fit right into your social media feed, testimonial graphics, presentations, website visuals, and Pinterest graphics.

✓ Create eye-catching Instagram Reels with using static stock photos from the collection or splice together different stock video clips for a fast-paced Reel. The imagery is versatile for many industries, from fashion & beauty to photography & content creation.

✓ Keep yourself inspired by updating your tech screen savers, wall papers, and even your Notion workspace, just like Haute Stock member @theblogsocial_ did below!

✓ Design stunning digital products, website templates, and Canva templates that your customers can’t resist with a Haute Stock commercial use license that allows you to use stock photos in products that you sell.


  • Editorial Workspace Stock Videos and photos with a laptop, chair and desk.
  • A woman in a white suit reading a document in this collection of Editorial Workspace Stock Videos & photos.


Editorial Workspace Stock Videos & Images for Content Creators

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