How to Market Your Business During Uncertain Times

Filed in Content Marketing — March 28, 2020

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guest post written by Karly from Influence Media

As a digital marketing specialist, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with my clients and other business owners to help them navigate this time. Many of them are struggling with how to market their business and themselves while being sensitive to the current climate. Sound familiar?

They are afraid to appear tone-deaf if they forge ahead with their regular promotions or new collection drops.

On the flip side, they worry that promoting services or products to serve people specifically during these times may seem like they’re trying to capitalize on a terrible situation. The new reality means adjusting your marketing messages and pivoting almost daily.


How to Market Your Business During Uncertain Times. Marketing tips for those how are afraid or hesitant to sell right now . How to sell with authenticity and with heart.


Here are 5 tips to help you strike the right balance when marketing your business in uncertain times:

1) Speak from the heart and from a place of helping.

You don’t have to even mention Covid-19 to convey your tone and showcase different features or offerings that may help people in their current situation. For example, you might have focused on an excellent in-store experience before, and now instead you pivot to a focus on free delivery as a way to serve your customers. ⁣

2) Don’t use fear tactics or negative language.

Avoid using the virus or a bad scenario to frame the use of your product or service in your messaging. ⁣Using messages like “are you struggling…” or “feeling worried…” or “don’t risk getting sick…” is not a positive association for your brand.

3) Do a sensitivity check.

Review existing ad campaigns, email automations, or planned social posts to ensure nothing is highlighting activity that is discouraged during social distancing. Hint: You might want to avoid visuals or mentions of socializing, attending events, or traveling. (Unless it’s a throwback on social media!)

4) Know your why.

Should there be questions or people who don’t like what you’re sharing, have a few sentences ready that state why your message matters or how you’re considering these times.

5) Don’t be afraid to sell.

You can still be sensitive to everyone’s experience while highlighting features and benefits of your product or service. ⁣I think everyone knows that businesses need to continue making money to keep the lights on and retain staff, now more than ever! So, get clear on your strategy and carry on.


Karly, a digital marketing strategist and founder of Influence Media Inc.

helps her clients to be found and loved through Email Marketing, SEO, Google & Facebook Ads, Content Marketing and more. She grows small to medium sized businesses by expanding their reach, growing their subscriber list, acquiring new customers and nurturing their community through strategic campaigns.

Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook or her Website

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