How to Promote Holiday Sales

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Wondering where to post about your holiday sales to drive more traffic and conversions? We’re laying it all out in this post!


Find out where to be posting about your holiday sales to promote your business.


The holiday season can be one of the busiest for small businesses, but without a sales strategy it can feel totally overwhelming! In this blog post we’re sharing the top places you can post and promote your holiday offer to make sure you’re maximizing your opportunity to make sales. We want to make sure you’re reaching your audience across all your platforms because the more people that know about your offer, the more sales you’re able to make!


How to Promote & Where To Post About Your Holiday Sales


1. Your Website

Your header is the first thing people will see when they land on your website, so this should be one of the first places you promote your holiday sale. Choose an image with a festive feel and with negative space in the center where you can add your headlines & important copy, or add an overlay on top of your image to make it easier to read text.

For website header images we love the holiday stock photos in our Pink & Red Holiday or Merry & Bright collections because they’re attention-grabbing and fun. For more neutral & minimal brands, our Neutral Holiday Collection or Vintage Holiday collections will work beautifully!

Here are the top places on your website you can update to include information about your Holiday sales:

  • Update your website & shop headers.

  • Create sidebar graphics for your blog.

  • Update your pop-ups to let people know about the sale.

  • Create an announcement bar at the top or bottom of your site that is visible on any page visitors land on.

  • Create blog posts that are relevant to your holiday offer. These posts can be educational in nature, to help your audience understand how your product/service can help them.


Promote your holiday sales on your website such as on your website header, blog sidebar graphics, and pop ups. Click to see where else you should promote and post about your holiday sales!


2. Your Social Media Platforms

Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels are a great place promote your holiday sales & offers. They’re made up of a loyal base of customers who are used to interacting with your brand, and who will be excited to find out more about your offer.

Here are our top tips for promoting your holiday sales on social media:

  • Slide into the holiday season by sharing a few holiday stock photos on your feed and in Stories to start getting your followers in a festive mood.

  • Create posts to “tease” your offer, like posting a countdown timer on Stories, or a create a set of three posts that you can publish to your feed with a countdown to the offer.

  • Take advantage of the video/animation trend — plan to incorporate some kind of video on social media regarding your sale. This video doesn’t have to be of you (although creating that personal connection with your audience is great!), instead you can easily create animated sales graphics in Canva (like the graphic below), or create short educational videos that position your product as the one they’ll want this holiday season.

  • Use Reels to create entertaining or educational videos relating to your products/services and offer. Make them fun and punchy and think about interesting ways you can show your audience why/how your offer will help them.

  • Jump on Instagram Live — let people connect with you: do an FAQ session about your products/services, come on with a customer or client who you have helped and show your audience their transformation, introduce your team, show how your product is made, etc. There are lots of ways to “soft sell” your audience over social media by providing value and still leading to the sale.

  • Repurpose the content you create for your best performing social media platform to post on other platforms. We don’t think you have to create completely new content for each platform, but do tweak your content to make it specific for each social media account. Focus on the platform that you see the most engagement on, and then repurpose for the other platforms so you don’t feel overwhelmed trying to be everywhere!


How to promote your holiday sales on Instagram. Make sure you post about your holiday and Black Friday sales on Instagram. Click to find out where you should post.


3. Pinterest

Pinterest can be a good tool to get traffic to your website before and during your offer period, but it’s different than your social platforms and should be treated as such. You can try running Pinterest ads for a short and specific time while your sale is on, or you can create educational content that is timely and links back to a landing page for your sale or shop items.

Here are some ideas for incorporating Pinterest into your holiday promotions strategy:

  • Write educational blog posts about your product/offer showcasing how it works, customer testimonials, and client transformations. Create Pinterest pins that you can post on Pinterest early to start driving traffic to your site and educating your audience on your offer.

  • Create graphics that give a closer look at what you’re offering. For example, a tour of your website, a round-up of your top selling products, a quick tutorial of how to use your products, etc.

  • Create Pins that lead directly to your shop or offer page using holiday stock photos in the background for timely and eye-catching graphics.


Where to Post Holiday Sales Blog Post Graphics-2.gif


For the best results on Pinterest, we recommend starting to build up traffic from Pinterest a few weeks in advance of your sale with educational posts, and then capturing email addresses once potential customers land on your site.

Which brings us to our next place to promote your offer…


4. Newsletters & Email List

Your email list is your best resource when it comes to holiday sales. Once you’ve spent some time using your social media and/or affiliates to create buzz around your sale and grow your email list, you can send out emails sharing the news about your promotion.

Here are some tips for promoting your sale in your emails:

  • Create catchy graphics for all the different emails you plan to send out. Make sure your graphics copy is short, punchy & relevant to the email. For example, if you’re sending out a pre-sale, sale, and last chance email then make sure you have your different graphics made with the proper headings and calls-to-actions for each e-mail.

  • Start by sending out an email to your entire list, and then segment your list by those who have shown interest (by clicking on your email links) and ensure you give those who are interested the most attention & opportunities to buy.

  • Don’t be shy about sending out reminder emails, especially on the last day of your sale — people often wait until the last minute to buy, so make sure to send out 2-3 emails on the last day! We know it feels like a lot, but you’ll probably get people buying with each email you send out that day.


Want more specific graphics ideas? Check out the 7 types of graphics that will help you get more sales this holiday season.




5. Run Ads

Whether you’re running Facebook, Instagram, Google, or Pinterest ads then you’ll want to add in some holiday imagery, catchy slogans, and your calls-to-actions.

  • Consider where your business might have the greatest success in reaching your target audience and focus your ads there if you don’t have a large budget for your holiday sales.

  • Create bold, catchy, straight-forward ads that share not only your promotion but what value you would add to the customers’ lives with your product/service.

  • Consider your timeline. Will you be running ads before and during your promotion or maybe just before? If you’re running ads to different audiences, make sure your ad copy is relevant to the platform you’re using and the audience you’re trying to attract.


Where to Post Holiday Sales Blog Post Graphics Haute Stock.gif


We hope you found this post helpful and that you’ll consider posting about your promotions on at least some of these platforms! If you need more graphic ideas, we have a really helpful post that breaks down 10 Easy Holiday Images You Can Create to Boost Sales this Holiday Season.


Feeling stuck when it comes to creating holiday sales graphics? We’ve got the resources to help!


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