Stylish Workspace Stock Videos for Reels, Stories & Content Marketing

Filed in Stock Images — August 23, 2022

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Aesthetic stock videos are a must-have for any creative entrepreneurs’ visual strategy in the era of Instagram Reels, TikTok, and basically any online marketing.

Feminine stock videos for reels, stories & content marketing featuring workspace images, creative workspaces & flatlays and moody interior stock images.

Which is why we’ve been focused on upping our videography skills to create gorgeous vertical videos for content creators, coaches, course creators, web designers, and others! Our stock videos for Reels, Pinterest, etc. makes it oh-so-easy for busy entrepreneurs to create and post relevant content that will capture the attention of their audience and get eyes on their business.

Stock Videos for reels from Haute Stock's Academia Collection featuring woman working, creative planning, tech videos, coffee, and stylish interiors.

How to Use Aesthetic Stock Videos for Social Media Marketing

If you’re a small business owner looking to build your brand online and attract more customers through digital marketing, incorporating stock videos into your social media strategy can be a game-changer! In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of stock videos and how they can elevate your online presence. We’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about finding and using stock videos effectively.

Where to Find Aesthetic Stock Videos for Social Media

Finding high-quality stock videos that align with your brand’s aesthetic is crucial. But you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we offer in the Haute Stock membership! Our stunning stock videos are specifically curated for what’s working on Instagram, including for Reels and Stories. Our Academia collection features a stylish urban studio setting, perfect for capturing attention and creating engaging content in your Reels.

How to Use Stock Videos for Reels & Stories

Stock videos are an amazing tool for creating eye-catching Reels and Stories on Instagram. They’re a quick and easy way to add visual interest to your post without having to film your own content or worrying about masting complicated edits. Simply browse through Haute Stock’s collections, choose the videos that resonate with your brand, and download to your phone. Then, open the video in the Instagram app and and incorporate them into your Reels and Stories by using trending audio and text overlays. It really is that easy!

Prefer to edit Reels in Canva? Watch How to Create Instagram Reels Using Stock Videos (in Canva).

Incorporating Stock Videos into Content Marketing

Stock videos aren’t just limited to social media. They can also be used in various on other marketing platforms. Another way we love to use stock videos is for Pinterest video pins! By utilizing stock videos strategically, you can keep your audience engaged and convey your brand’s message effectively across different platforms. Watch this video for 5 Ways to Use Stock Videos for your Brand.

Ideas for Finding the Best Stock Videos for Your Brand

Finding the perfect stock videos for your brand requires a bit of research and creativity. Start by identifying the key themes, emotions, and aesthetics that represent your brand. Then, search for stock videos that align with these elements. Haute Stock’s extensive collection and search functionality make it easy to find videos that match your brand’s style. Remember to experiment with different clips and themes to keep your content fresh and engaging!

In conclusion, incorporating aesthetic stock videos into your social media marketing strategy is a must for any small business owner looking to build their brand online. By leveraging the power of stock videos, you can create content that attracts the right audience and sets your brand apart from the competition. Become a Haute Stock member to explore our collection of stock videos and take your social media presence to the next level!

Preview the Academia stock video collection that’s exclusively inside the Haute Stock Member Library!

B-roll content has never looked so chic, featuring a stylish urban studio filled with modern and vintage decor and all the things a creative needs to get work done: artisanal coffee, tech, books, journals, and photos for inspo boards. Seriously, one look at these stunning stock videos and coordinating stock images and you’ll understand why we’re ready to ditch our current workspace and live in this office space 24/7. Check out our other collections of stock video for Reels and social media marketing.

Use the Academia collection in your visual marketing strategy + find even more vertical stock videos in the Haute Stock Library with your membership

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