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Welcome to the world of Matcha Time! 🍵 If you’re looking for green workspace stock photos & videos, this collection is for you. Picture this: productive mornings fueled by matcha, crossing off to-dos, planning out weeks’ worth of content. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs and coaches! Matcha Time is more than just a collection of stock images and […]

Matcha Time: Green Workspace Stock Imagery

Meet Sips at Sunset — a fun collection of dreamy stock photos and videos that celebrate friendship, laughter, and all around good vibes, perfect for travel and wellness brands. Playful and uplifting, Sips at Sunset is a gorgeous collection of dreamy stock photos & videos. Salt water, inside jokes, a seaside picnic — there’s not much else […]

Sips at Sunset: Dreamy Stock Photos & Videos

Our first collection of 2024 is all about creating healthy routines that will help you thrive. Slow starts, supplements, stretching, yoga class, matcha — things that nourish your body and mind so that you’re able to show up consistently. These are the perfect muted wellness & lifestyle stock images and videos for your brand! Create Healthy […]

Daily Habits: Muted Wellness Stock images & Videos

Woman Lightning Candle, a stock imagery of self-care in this Bed& Bath collection by Haute Stock.

We just released the perfect stock photos for fall-infused self-care content! With its warm autumnal color palette, Bed & Bath is the ultimiate collection to add to your photo bank for content around self-care, beauty, fashion, and wellness. Coordinating with the Homebody collection, Bed & Bath will give you so many options when it comes […]

Bed & Bath: Cozy Lifestyle Stock Photos for Self-Care Content

Haute Stock newest collection Ageless Beauty features stock images of health and wellness for women of diverse ages and sizes perfect for wellness bloggers and coaches.

Beauty, health, and wellness at any age. Meet Haute Stock’s latest beauty and wellness stock photo and video collection: Ageless Beauty. Featuring age, size, and race diverse models, this stock photo and vertical video collection makes an important statement: that beauty and wellness can be found at any age, at any size, and is for everyone. If […]

Ageless Beauty and Wellness Stock Photos & Videos

health and wellness stock photo of green smoothie, water bottle, succulent plant, and calming desk decor

To kick-off Mental Health Awareness Month, we though it would be fitting if our first release was all about healthy habits that heal from within — eating nutrient-rich foods, mindfulness exercises, and leaving the tech behind to practice yoga and stretching.  Vitality is a fresh collection of 34 health and wellness stock photos that focus on embracing […]

Health and Wellness Stock Photos & Videos

Florals, dust pan, and small broom hanging from wall, a styled stock image perfect for home organizing brands

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is officially in season!🙌 We instantly feel the need to start spring cleaning which inspired this collection of home organization stock photos. Our new collection, Spring Cleaning, is all about fresh starts, eco-conscious cleaning supplies, and sustainable living. If you want more home organization stock photos in […]

Stylish Home Organization Stock Photos

Our newest wellness stock photo collection is all about turning a new page, starting fresh, and manifesting. All from the comfort of bed! We’re loving the neutral color palette, chill vibe, and relaxed scenes from this collection of lifestyle stock imagery. It’s the perfect collection if your brand is focused on mental health, wellness, or […]

Cozy Lifestyle and Wellness Stock Photos & Videos

Meet Intention, an earthy collection of mindfulness stock photos that celebrate slow living, making space for yourself, and embracing energetic healing. These light + airy mindfulness and wellness stock photos are grounded with a soothing color palette of burnt oranges and greens. They feature lots of white and negative space for breathing room to add your […]

Mindfulness Stock Photography

Ritual is a collection of wellness and spiritual stock images featuring tarot cards, sage and crystals for soulful brands.

Moody Wellness & Spiritual Stock Images

If you’ve been marketing for a minute you’ve probably heard that one of the most effective ways get people interested in what you have to offer is to focus on the transformation they’ll achieve. Don’t just tell people what you’re going to teach them or do for them – help them to imagine what their life […]

Home Organizing & Healthy Living Stock Photography