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It’s not always easy to find images that celebrate wellness & fitness at any size. Scroll down to see these body positive images from Haute Stock. Say hello to a new lifestyle stock photo collection that celebrates friendship, collaboration, and healthy living at any size. We love the warm color palette as we start to […]

Body Positive Fitness & Wellness Stock Photos

Here at Haute Stock, we started off our June styled stock photo collection releases with a beautiful new collection called Natural Wellness. One peak at the new stock images and you’ll know why — from the neutral color palette infused with pops of green, orange and grey to the minimal photography styling and modern vibes, […]

Natural Wellness & Beauty Stock Images

  Vibrant and bold, this set of wellness styled stock photos is all about movement, deep breathing, and bonding with girlfriends during workout class. Weekend Workout stock images feature a fresh color palette of burnt orange, reds, yellows, and blues, with neutrals mixed in throughout. Perfect for health and wellness coaches, Weekend Workout also includes […]

Wellness & Workout Styled Stock Photos

If you’re looking for airy images of self-care, skin-care routines, and beauty, look no further than this beautiful new collection of stock photos     Ease into the day with these serene stock photos that feature a woman waking up in her bedroom and slowly starting her morning with a gentle routine of stretching, journaling […]

Beauty & Skin-Care Stock Photos for Brands

    The number one most popular New Year’s resolution is… ⁠⁠You guessed it: eating healthier & exercising more⁠ Yup, nearly 1 in 5 people set a resolution to get healthy in the new year!⁠⁠Whether you’re a health & wellness brand looking to inspire your audience to take up healthy habits, or simply want to […]

Eco-friendly & Sustainable Kitchen Styled Stock Photos

These zen stock images have all the cozy, slow living vibes     With an organic, earthy color palette of sage greens, woodsy neutrals and soft grey, this stock photo collection’s calming colorways are perfect for brands that want to create wholesome, wellness vibes. You’ll find beautiful stock photos for health & wellness brands, lifestyle […]

Sage Green Wellness & Self-Care Styled Stock Photos

Beautiful Health, wellness and fitness stock photos for bloggers, coaches and instructors     Our new Desert Yoga collection reminds us to slow down and take some time to focus on our health.  Something us entrepreneurs have a habit of overlooking!  Shot by contributor Susannah Lynn, this collection mixes yoga poses, desert-scapes, and studio shots. The images make for the […]

Yoga & Meditation Stock Photos

  Our latest release: Dreamy Desert features imagery that is serene, calm, and meditative. Things we can all use right now! This stock photo collection features a color palette of sage green, mint and peach, and is perfect for many brands, especially for posts about health & wellness. You’ll find images that you can use for […]

Peach & Sage Green Desert Health & Wellness Styled Stock Photography

Our Pretty Purple Collection is a throwback to the basics — desktop flatlays with minimal props but maximum impact! We love the soft purple hues in this collection and they can be mixed with brand colors such as pink, mint, teal, and navy for lots of use on websites and social media.   TAKE A LOOK AT THE […]

Lavender Purple Workspace & Lifestyle Stock Photography

Healthy Habits is packed with imagery centered around exercise, supplements, sleep and self-care.      With resolutions probably starting to wane a few weeks into 2020, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with your community about lifestyle changes you’re making or provide inspiration for their own healthy changes. These images can also be used to talk about […]

Health & Fitness Styled Stock Photography

SAY HELLO TO EARTHY OFFICE Just like the name sounds, this collection has a down-to-earth feel with lots of wood textured elements, and a brown, blue and teal color palette.     This collection is truly versatile — there’s lots of light and shadow effects, workspace flatlays, and minimal mockups that are perfect for your social […]

Neutral, Bright, Earthy Office & Workspace Styled Stock Photography