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Filed in Stock Images — July 11, 2022

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The Ritual Collection: Moody wellness & spiritual stock images for grounded, soulful brands.. For those who help others reframe their understanding of themselves, divine into the inner workings of the mind and soul, and those realigning with their intuition.

If you’ve been searching for moody wellness & spiritual stock images that are chic, yet filled with purpose, you’re going to love this exclusive Haute Stock collection!

Ritual is a moody wellness & spiritual stock imagery for grounded, soulful brands.

Ritual includes 25 spirituality inspired stock images featuring tarot cards, crystals, sound bowls, and sage, tarot cards. It’s not your typical wellness & spiritual stock photo fare — Ritual is elevated yet grounded, sophisticated yet approachable.

Shot by Paige from @studiobicyclette exclusively for Haute Stock in her signature moody style, Ritual’s soothing neutral color palette will draw viewers in with the promise of self-betterment, through a solution only you can provide.

Create eye-catching visuals with Ritual that viewers won’t expect from a wellness brand. Use the images on your website, blog posts, social media, and Pinterest posts for elevated graphics across platforms.

Brand board for Ritual collection featuring spiritual and wellness images of tarot cards, sage, and sound bowls in moody style and soothing neutral color palette.

You could easily build your entire health and wellness brand presence on social media using the Haute Stock Ritual Collection. It’s got that laid back but elevated feel that is perfect for building a brand that attracts women who are willing to invest in building a life they love.

Just peek at this potential branding you could use for your instagram using a beautiful blush and beige color palette inspired by images from the Ritual Collection. You could create gorgeous Reels covers, carousels and Instagram highlights for your brand with this stock photo collection!

If you love the vibes of this collection, swipe through the entire preview below:

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