Haute Stock newest collection Ageless Beauty features stock images of health and wellness for women of diverse ages and sizes perfect for wellness bloggers and coaches.

Ageless Beauty and Wellness Stock Photos & Videos

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — August 10, 2023

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Beauty, health, and wellness at any age.

Ageless Beauty collection features stock photos and vertical videos of beauty and wellness for diverse size and age women.

Meet Haute Stock’s latest beauty and wellness stock photo and video collection: Ageless Beauty.

Featuring age, size, and race diverse models, this stock photo and vertical video collection makes an important statement: that beauty and wellness can be found at any age, at any size, and is for everyone.

If you grew up through the 80s and 90s, had a bigger body, and didn’t quite fit the “status quo” of beauty standards, you may have felt like we did: under pressure to fit the mold and feeling unhappy with our looks because we couldn’t reach “flawless model” level.

Mood board for Ageless Beauty, Haute Stock's latest collection, featuring Beauty and Wellness Stock Photos and videos that are perfect for fashion & beauty and health & wellness industries.

So we really love the movement fashion and beauty + health and wellness industries have been taking part in, to showcase real bodies and real people, imperfections and all.

It says a lot about understanding your consumer — and welcoming people into your space.

This is why Haute Stock is committed to creating inclusive stock imagery, because we want you to have the visual tools you need to create a brand that attracts your ideal audience and invites them in to learn, grow, and do business with you.

If you’re in the beauty industry, we think you’ll also love using these beauty stock photos for your brand: Pastel Beauty, Beauty Routine, Natural Wellness, Unwind, Self-care, and Minimal Beauty.

If you’re in the health industry, you’ll want to check out our wellness stock photos that embrace the journey: choosing a healthy lifestyle, improving mental health, movement, nutrition and more: Weekend Workout, Vitality, Healthy Habits, and Desert Yoga.

Inside the Haute Stock library you’ll find over 8000 stock photos and stock videos for health & wellness professionals to use in their marketing. See how our members are using them over on Instagram.

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest beauty and wellness stock photos to land in the library:


  • Wellness stock image featuring a woman holding a glass of water.
  • Beautiful stock photo of mother and daughter hugging, part of Haute Stock's latest collection Ageless Beauty.
  • Woman holding water and vitamins in our latest collection of beauty and wellness stock photos.
  • Minimal stock photo flatlay of vitamins on plate perfect for wellness coaches and bloggers.
  • Beauty stock photo featuring a woman in bed applying cream on legs.
  • Older woman applying serum on face, part of Haute Stock's Ageless Beauty Collection.
  • Woman applying lotion to her leg in this collection of stock photos for beauty brands.
  • Woman using a dropper to apply serum as a part of her beauty routine in Haute Stock's collection of beauty and wellness stock photos and videos.
  • woman holding water glass in this photo from our Ageless Beauty. Browse Haute Stock's beauty and wellness stock photos and videos.

And check out the beauty stock videos for this collection below:

Health and Wellness Stock Photos

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Health and wellness stock photo collection for women of diverse ages perfect for health and wellness coaches and bloggers.

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