Artist's Corner collection features images of neutral workspace for artists and designers

Artists Corner: Dreamy Stock Photos & Videos for Creative Designers

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — August 10, 2023

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Artist’s Corner is a dreamy, light infused creative space with pops of golden yellow and tangerine that we absolutely love!

My current desk set up of 3 cold coffee cups, 16 cords for I-don’t-know-what-device, food crumbs, and kids’ toys doesn’t even compare to these stunning stock photos for Creative Designers.

If you’re searching for upscale stock photos to enhance your creative projects, this is the perfect collection! Artist’s Corner is specifically curated for creatives, designers, and artists. With a wide range of expressive visuals (including both stock photo AND video options!), there’s everything you need to bring your creative vision to life.

Mood board for Artist's Corner collection featuring workspace photos and videos in earthy and neutral color palette.

This collection of stock photos for creative designers is carefully curated to offer an earthy and editorial aesthetic. Pair this collection with Artwork with for a playful, friendly, and feminine vibe. Or, use textured backgrounds from Citron or Golden Hour for a high-end minimal aesthetic look. The soft creamy colors mixed with a slight pop of orange is eye-catching and soothing. Whether you’re looking for artwork to complement your designs or textured backgrounds to create a high-end minimal aesthetic, we have you covered!

At Haute Stock, we believe in the power of customization. Explore how our creative workspace stock photos have been customized by our members, and get inspired to transform your own projects. Join our thriving community on Instagram, where we share daily inspiration and tips to help you elevate your creative endeavors.

With our extensive collection of stock photos for creative designers, you’ll never run out of content for your brand!


  • Stock photo of books stacked on vintage chair, perfect stock photo for artists and designers.
  • Straight-on shot of neutral office and watercolor painting, workspace stock image for artists or designers.
  • Close-up stock photo of neutral workspace, perfect for artists and designers
  • Gorgeous light and shadows in a neutral office, workspace stock images from Haute Stock's latest collection Artist's Corner
  • A desk with laptop, coffee and books. Browse the full collection of stock photos for Creative Designers.
  • Minimal stock image of paper roll, coffee, and glasses on desk with shadows on wall
  • Paint swatches on desk next to laptop and coffee as part od Artist's Corner collection by Haute Stock
  • Stock photo for artists and designers featuring earthy vases on floor with shadows in background
  • Stock image of Neutral office with pop of red painting in corner



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Books and reading glasses stacked on vintage chair, part of Haute stock's Artist's Corner collection

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